Wednesday, June 30, 2004

The Dream is Over...Again

So two noteable things to have come out of today's play at Wimbledon (at time of posting Federer and Hewitt still playing). Henman out of the tournament and all Great Britain's sporting hopes are lost once again. I say Great Britain rather than England as I am actually not English myself, but am in fact Welsh (duh), yet consider myself as part of the collective nation gunning behind our fair isle's sporting greats. Ahem. Have to say I am a bit sad, although not overly suprised. Oh well. Maybe next year. Second thing, Andy Roddick's still in. Yay! Although judging by Federer's play at the moment, I'd place him as the favourite to win again. Camera keeps switching to Hewitt's fiance Kym Kleisters. Good God. What the hell's happened there? Not entirely sure, but didn't she used to be pretty? Well she's a bit of a minger now. Not that Hewitt's exactly an oil painting either. Ooh. Just checked the telly and Hewitt's catching up with Federer in the 4th set. But I'll shut up now as this is not a sporting blog, merely a reflection-of-my-thoughts-blog. Ooh, Big Brother last night. Actually lived up to its evil reputation. Bit mean what they did to that Becky, never mind poor Michelle. I really like her as well. Hope she doesn't go. I like Nadia and Marco too though. If I had to choose who was to go I'd go for Marco, though, cos I really like Nadia. Don't think I'll vote though cos I like them all too much. Becky should have given Jason the kiss of death. He really gets on my tits. Ooh, Hewitt's just taken over Federer in the 4th set. Its all getting exciting!


  • At 8:29 pm, Blogger Joe said…

    Hi, Laura. Joe from the US here. What's a "minger"? We don't have that word over here. On the topic of Great Britain vs England and Wales topic I attended a Celtic Fest in Chicago where the Welsh stand had a banner that read, "Wales: the country that made Britain Great!" I thought that was very clever. Although the Scottish might feel a bit left out.

  • At 8:44 pm, Blogger Laura said…

    A minger is someone who is really quite ugly. And the Welsh people were right. The Welsh are the descendants of the original Britons. I'm a History student so i know my shit.

  • At 11:36 am, Blogger Marie said…

    I'm definitely for Marco going. Also, was horrified that not only did Becky not choose to Judas-kiss Jason (I did wonder if perhaps it was the mere thought of kissing him that was too horrific) she actually then went on to tell Big Brother that she fancies him! How is this possible? She looks quite normal otherwise.

    Glad you like the blog by the way, I honestly had no idea that anyone except my friends read it.


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