Wednesday, July 07, 2004

All My Bold and Beautiful General Hospital Lives

Just followed a link from Tottyworld to soap hunks, for research purposes obviously, expecting to find maybe some Kip Gamblin pictures and was quite suprised to discover it was an American soap hunks site. My suprise quickly gave way to a feeling of nostalgia for the days when Channel 5 used to show my alltime favourite soaps. Yes, I liked them even better than Neighbours and Home and Away. Channel 5 originally showed Bold and the Beautiful, I think, and quick to realise what a gem they had on their hands they signed up the most amazing, thrilling, most unrealistic American soap EVER... Sunset Beach. I was addicted to it to say the least. All those wonderful, heartwarming stories of babies kidnapped at birth from their mother and then given to their birth mother's daughter to raise as her own with her unknowing husband who is, after sleeping with his wife's mother, actually the baby's father, not to mention the Catholic priest who saves his community from cursed jewels and sleeps with his brother's girlfriend all in the same week. My favourite storyline, though, was the storyline of the 'main' characters, Ben and Meg. Once upon a time, Ben used to be married to the aforementioned Catholic priest's sister, Maria. However, Ben's evil twin brother, Derek, tricked Maria into thinking he was Ben and she slept with him, only to have Ben walk in on them. Ben and MAria have a fight on the pier(obvious place to go), Maria falls in the sea and is swept away forever. Cut to seven years later, and smalltown girl Meg is speaking to Ben on the net. Discovering that her fiance is sleeping with her maid of honour, she junps on a plane to California to find her internet bud who is obviuosly also her soulmate as he 'understands' her. So two years go by. Ben and Meg are in love and are getting married with only a few minor mishaps along the way. Then one day a girl is found who has amnesia and is transferred to Sunset Beach General Hospital. Meg is doing some work at the hospital and the two become fast friends. Strangely enough, Meg completely fails to introduce her fiance to her new best friend. She invites Maria to the wedding, but she nearly misses it. She eventually arrives late, soaked from that oh so common Californian rain, just in time to catch the bouquet, much to the suprise of the groom who now actually has two wives. Lucky fella. I could tell you what happened after that, but you wouldn't believe it. Anyways, for some inexplicable reason, no one in America actually watched it so it got cancelled, much to the sorrow of Channel 5's loyal viewers. Fortunately Five saw fit to replace it with that soap opera legend, Days of Our Lives. But, like sands through the hourglass, so were the viewing figures of Days and that too was cancelled. But only here;it still rains supreme in the US of A. And now that I've written all this I have forgotten my point of actually writing it.


  • At 2:50 pm, Blogger Marie said…

    Sunset Beach - officially the best soap opera in history. There are no other contenders.

  • At 6:43 pm, Blogger Laura said…

    There is no need for further comment as the obvious has already been states. Days of Our Lives is really, really good too though.

  • At 4:18 pm, Blogger Bill said…

    Sunset Beach lacked the quality totty though (well at least on the male side). Days is wonderful for male totty (The two Kyles, Jason, and Eric) but is lacking on the female and Passions does both (and that's not just because of Justin Hartley but it's a big factor, though Ryan and Eric help).


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