Tuesday, July 06, 2004

The Incredible Journey

Fear not. I'm not dead, have just had a very busy, non-Internet access weekend. As of last Thursday, 1st July, I have access to my new house in Leeds, so on Saturday I drove down to move in/clean up the crap left by the four pot-head boys who lived there last. I say I drove, I had been out the night before and not wanting to still be over the limit, my boyfriend and soon-to-be flatmate drove. Safety first, and all that. The house wasn't actually as filthy as I thought it would be. Probably because my other two future flat mates had already got there the day before and had pretty much done it all. Talk about googd timing. Having said that, I did do some pretty heavy duty hoovering on the sofas. I'm talking crusted bogeys! Bleugh! Boys are disgusting. Really looking forward to having my own home now. We were all pretty excited, until one of my lovely house-chums said the dreaded, hitherto not having crossed our minds but now indellibly branded on them, thought that maybe its haunted, being a century old and all that. Needless to say, I found it pretty hard to get to sleep that night. At least I'm not alone in my silliness; the other three also don't like being on the top floor (where MY room is!) on their own. Sure we'll all be fine in September when we get used to it. Was there all day Sunday too. Really enjoyed waking up in MY house, making breakfast in MY kitchen, albeit still clogged with boxes and bags, eating it on MY sofa in front of MY tv in MY living room. Similar feeling to when i woke up that first morning in halls in Leeds all those years ago last September. Sunday afternoon we went to Ikea. What a trip. What should have taken us ten minutes down the M62, took us over an hour, all because I missed one exit. Roads are set out crap. Allowances should be made when designing motorways for people like me so that if you miss your junction or exit it isn't necassarily last-chance saloon. As my flat mate Alice was saying to her brother, who she was on the phone to at the time, "Laura's a great driver, but, bless her, she's got a crap sense of direction!", which was quickly followed with the exclamation, "Ooh here we go, Ikea mark two," as i gathered my bearings, stopped crying, and swapped the driving seat for the passenger side and let Tim takeover. Eventually we got to Ikea at 5 to 5 - it closes on Sundays at 5. Talk about mad dash! And yesterday Tim and I went to Alton Towers. And got sunburnt in the endless queues. Had fun though!

What did I say? Who did I say would be in the Wimbledon final and who did I say would win? I should have betted on it.

Marco's gone in Big Brother. I am glad. Like I said, I really like Michelle and Nadia. I want to get rid of Jason now. Hope he was nominated this week. If he is, everyone vote for him! He's such a nob.

Also, my sea monkeys have hatched! Loads of tiny little dots swimming around. A busy weekend all round.


  • At 10:36 am, Blogger Marie said…

    Is that the Ikea near Liverpool? Because if so, I got lost on the way there as well, missed the exit, spent hours driving around etc, the whole shebang. As I failed to give myself a hard time about it, you shouldn't either. They hide the Ikeas on purpose to reduce the queues.

  • At 12:09 pm, Blogger Laura said…

    It wasn't just my failure to find Ikea that got me stressed, its my general lack of sense of direction. Its embarassing to say the least! I usually have to go round motorway roundabouts at least twice before I can figure out which lane to get in to, never mind which exit to take. However, managing to find my way to Alton Towers on a motorway I'd never been on before definitely boosted my morale somewhat.


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