Thursday, July 01, 2004

A King is Born

Very much excited about the forthcoming King Arthur. As a history student, with a particular interest in the dark ages-middle ages period, I am awaiting this film with considerable anticipation. Think its out here the last weekend of July. Seeing as I have an irritating habit of watching 'historical' films with a critical eye and voicing aloud any observations of historical inaccuracies (for example Braveheart - the French princess was 5 years old at the time the film was set!) I am interested to see how accurate this 'historically accurate' latest addition to the back catalogue of King Arthur films actually is. Also, Ioan Gruffydd is in it (Welsh) as well as the highly underrated, in my opinion, Clive Owen. Sexy and a good actor, with an until-now preference for independent films - an anomale to say the least. Also, there's that bloke who was in The Secret Life Of Us, that Australian programme thats only on, inexplicably, around midnight, sometimes as late as 1.30am. Don't really understand that one, as its really, really good. His name's Joel summat-or-other. Anyway, check out the trailer. Looks good.


  • At 1:43 pm, Blogger Marie said…

    With you on Clive Owen. We obviously have very similar taste...


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