Thursday, July 01, 2004

The Master Has Spoken!

Oh my God can not describe the joy I felt when I logged on to my blog and discovered that not only has someone actually left me a comment already, but it was left by the very same Marie of struggling author fame - the very same who inspired me to write my very own dear blog. And, not only that, but on her page she's added me to her list of links! And its only my third day as a blogger! Woohoo!! Does this mean I'm famous now? As I'm only just getting the hang of all this adding-things-onto-my-page thing (it took me about 6 attempts and over an hour just to figure out how to add the counter onto the page) I don't actually know how to make my own list of link-type things, yet, so instead I'll just plug her blog now and then out of gratitude as she is encouraging her readers (all, um I don't know, 50,000 of them) to increase my current readership of, ahem, 48 (at time of posting). Good God wasn't that a long sentence. But I'll shut up about her now in case she revisits my blog at some point and decides that not just an entire blog, but one of some considerable length, actually constitutes stalking. Then she might remove me from her links. And having only just been added I really don't want that to happen. No.


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