Friday, July 02, 2004

New Arrivals

Semi-finals day at Wimbledon - and its raining. How annoying?! Federer v. Grosjean then Roddick v. Ancic. I very much hope its Federer and Roddick in the final. But then again, who would I gun for? I like them both. I'll just cross that bridge when I come to it. The new arrivals of the title are my new sea monkeys. Yes. You read right. Let me explain. I came across the tiny wonders in a Toyworld in Leeds when looking for Christmas presents for my nieces and nephew and asked my boyfriend, Tim, to get me some. I was missing my cats from home, you see, and thought having tiny little ridiculously low-maintenance pets might compensate. And boy did they. Strangely fascinating to watch, they only need feeding once every 4 days or so and ... THATS IT! Maximum output, minimum input, or the other way round if I got that wrong. I can never rememeber which way it goes. However, after 3 months they all died off, to the joy of one of my flatmates who hates them (they freak her out - might be because they're just swimming bugs). But fear not! I sent off for some more for one pound fifty ( I don't have a pound sign on my computer) and hey presto! More teeny pets! But that batch died off 3 days ago. So my new ickle swimming bugs arrived in the post this morning. Can't wait for them to hatch!! And yes, I am that sad.


  • At 2:05 am, Blogger Coppertone said…

    I have always found sea monkeys to be strangely alluring. I have never owned any myself but my sister has, but they kept dying because she had the attention span of a 2 year old.!

  • At 4:23 pm, Blogger Laura said…

    Well my attention span can't be much better - this is my third batch since Christmas. I have high hopes for my latest lot though.


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