Wednesday, July 07, 2004

Swimming against the (financial) current

Well I've taken the bull by the horns, so to speak, and called my boss to tell her I'm available for work whenever she needs me, basically meaning "I need money so let me work for you!". Starting to get in a serious financial situation and am in desperate need of funds. Considering said-situation, I shouldn't really have gone to Alton Towers on Monday. Ah well. No more takeaways from now on, going to drink coke, or even water(free), when out on the town, and walk everywhere to save petrol money. At least I'll lose weight then. Got my exam results in the post this morning. Very pleased to announce that I achieved a 2/1. And everyone knows that as you only have to pass your first year and therefore don't try too hard, I should, therefore, do even better next year when it actually counts towards my degree. Going back to the work thing, though, my boss said she'll be in touch for when she needs me, hopefully in the next day or so. While this means I won't be earning any money for a couple of days, it also means that I should be able to go and watch my 4 year old niece and nephew at their very first sports day tomorrow morning. It should be so cute!


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