Saturday, July 10, 2004

What a lot has happened since my last blog. Just haven't had any time whatsoever to blog. 9 o clock on Thursday morning I got called into work to cover someone who was sick. So that was fun. The kids must have known I was coming. From the second I walked in until almost the second I left the screaming from tantrum-esque toddlers ceased to end. But it was so nice to see how much the babies had grown since I saw them all in the Easter holidays. One little girl is even walking and starting to talk and everything - she says "stinky" and "sit down!". So cute! However, it seems I won't be needed again until the start of the summer holidays but I need money! So I walked into the pub down the road on my way back home and asked them for a job. Hopefully they'll call me soon! OOh. Also had my roots done today. Its only been 4 weeks since they were done last, but they were getting drastic. Had them done a bit blonder than usual this time. Mind you, it was touch and go. I said I wanted to go a bit lighter this time. So she put some more ash blond in - and left it in half an hour longer than normal JUST TO SEE WHAT WOULD HAPPEN. I mean, bloody hell, it could have gone green. So much for the professionals. Thank God and all his angels its all ok, because call me vain if you want, but my hair is very important to me. Its a girl thing. Babysat my two little nieces yesterday and took them to the park. Tim makes me laugh. He's a qualifies squash, football and God know what else coach, and boy does it show. Beth showed a bit of talent for the monkey bars, so Tim wouldn't let her go for half an hour until she had mastered it perfectly. She's 3 years old. Mind you, she did do it perfectly in the end and she wasn't exactly fighting against it. She was pretty damn proud of herself, actually. I had to watch her do them over and over and over again. Bless. And Tim's got a new kitten. It was originally his sister's but it kept beating up the dog (the dog's a wimp) so now its passed to Tim and his mum. However, Tim's dog hates cats and I suspect will try to eat it. Should be interesting.


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