Tuesday, August 03, 2004

Golly gosh where have I been? Can't actually remember the last time I blogged, although once I post this and cast a quick downward glance towards my actual last blog, sure I'll get a clue from the post date. Been so busy with work. In for 8 (yes, thats am) and not back til 6, and 9 times out of 10 im straight off to the boyf's place, just cant seem to find the time. Not in til 9 tomorrow, by some miracle, so im snatching a quick minute or so to blog, as I am allowed an extra hour in bed in the morning, as I watch today's Neighbours and H and A which I taped. Thats another thing I'm finding I dont haved any time for these days. SOAPS!!! Having to tape them all every day and try to rushedly catch up on them on the weekend when the boyf isn't around as he doesnt like soaps and would laugh if he saw me watching soaps that i'v actually taped. Didn't manage to get through them all this weekend as I thought it would be a bit silly to be stuck inside watching taped telly with all the glorious sunshine, so I'm attempting to watch some now, although not actually watching them as concentrating rather more on the computer screen that the telly screen. And before anyone thinks I'm sad, I know for a FACT I'm not the only one who loves the soaps in such a devoted way. So ha!

On another note, seems to be an up side to me not blogging for ages. My hit counter seems to be being hit, as it were, much more frequently than it was previously. Which is always good.

Ooh, speaking of weather ( I think I was at some point) how nice was this weekend? Went to the beach on Mon. That's Anglesey to all you Englishies. COuld have been in Spain it was so hot and the beach was so nice. Loads of posh southerners in their holiday homes in North Wales driving their jet skiis and speed boats. Bloody miserable now though.

Right. Off to dry my hair then sleep, as I'm drifting off as I type.


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