Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Just a quick posting today as I'm shattered and need to go to bed. Significant things that have happened to me recently. Hmm. Lets see.

Sunday night I booked tickets to go and see WWE Raw live in MEN Arena on October 11th, 3 days after my bday, with the boyf. Yes, you read right. But wait, befire you write me off as mad, stop and consider first. Lots of muscley, sweaty men with long hair and storylines to rival even that soap great, Sunset Beach - I can hardly be blamed for being a fan. Thing is, I though I grew out of this sort of thing years ago. I used to watch WWF, as it was then, avidly for a good two years and even went to go and see it live in Earl's Court with two friends (blokes, obviously). However, once the WWF bought out ECW and WCW and became WWE I lost interest, almost overnight. However, over the past couple of weeks one of the lads who's been coming to the holiday club is an enthusiast to say the least (12 years old, though, so therefore allowed) and has slowly got me back into it. The boyf didn;t take too much persuading. Turns out he's been watching it in much th esame secret way in fear of ridicule that I watch my Neighbours and H and A. That one will be changing, I'm telling you now. Anyway, bought tickets for the both of us. Fifty quid each!! I kid you not. We're only 7 rows form the floor and right at wringside though, so worth it compared to the thirty quid I paid for it last time when I was sat at the back and needed binoculars to see anything.

Waved the boyf off tonight for a week. He's back to Leeds for his resit exams. Shall miss him muchos lots-os.

Atmosphere at work is getting worse and worse. Don;t think I'll work here again next vacation. Think when I go back to uni I'll get a job in Asda or something which I can transfer to when I'm home. Less hassle, defo.

Oh and Sea Monkey update. Don't worry! They haven't died. Not all of them anyway. A good 8 have survived infancy and are marching on towards adulthood. Looking promising.


  • At 1:17 am, Blogger Rhys said…

    Heh, enjoy watching the WWE, I cannot afford to go to this one.

    I went to the Smackdown Show in Manchester last year (before Benoit and Matt Hardy jumped to RAW) and it was amazing. Almost made myself physically sick with excitement.


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