Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Wow. Today came across the blog of a boy who was in the year above me all the way through school, from primary straight through to high school. He even knew the boyf, as they were in the same year in high school. Plus, for the first 16 years of my life he lived in the road opposite from mine, separated only by an alley way. However, I never really spoke to him in all that time. To tell you the truth I always thought he was a bit boring, even though obviously very nice. He's now off in uni and doing things with his life. But like I said, I never really gave him the time of day. And now that he's off in one direction, I'm in the other and I've now moved to the other end of the estate, I'll probably never get to know him. However, as I said, I just came across his blog, and I have discovered what an interesting person he actually is. He has been blogging for two years, his blog is fantastically detailed and, well, fancy, and he's even won some Blogger awards.And his blog is so well read that he got recognised in a shop the other day from his profile photo. How amazing is that? Just a shame I've realised what a cool dude he is a bit too late. He's not blogging at the mo, but will start again soon. In the meantime, I will spread my knowledge (although newfound) of what an interesting guy Rhys Wynne is to my many (slight exaggeration there) readers - not that he needs it.


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