Saturday, September 25, 2004

I'm back home. But don't worry! I haven't left uni. Just come home for my sister's birthday. Back off to Leeds tomorrow night.

The fresher's flu's getting better. I was really sad and boring and stayed in last night while everyone else went out. I put my washing on, tidied the lounge (quite a task) and settled down in my pjs with Russel and Joaquin for the night (i.e. put Gladiator on). I know what you're thinking - on a Friday night? But seeing as how I've always had an abnormally low immune sytem, I really didn't want to risk being ill for my sister's birthday. Again. Seeing as how I missed it last year on account of fresher's flu and was too ill to drive home. And managing to go out two nights in a row with a temperature and tonsils the size of golf balls and STILL have a good time is no mean feat, I'm telling you now.

I'm still keeping up with all my soaps, despite the life relocation. I mean, as if I wouldnt anyway. A hurricane would hit and I'd still find my way in front of a tv. Can't even begin to describe the panic when my telly just wouldn't tune in to Channel 5. Don't worry though - it was only a blip. Telly's now nicely securely tuned in to all the essential channels, so I'm up to date on Home and Away, Neighbours and Sunset Beach. Thank bloody God, hey?

There have been a few changes in Leeds since I was last in the fair city in June. The main one (for us students, anyway) is the conversion of the big church right next to the university into a nightclub. And its dubiously been 'christened' "Halo." Not being religious myself, I'm not exactly overly bothered by it, but for even me to observe it as I drove past on tmy way to the new house, and for thoughts of 'blasphemy' to go through even MY head, I can only imagine what actually religious people are thinking. I wasn't too suprised, then, to read in the Student newspaper a huge editorial on the sacrelige (spelling?) of it. Anyway, just thought I'd comment.

Went to the society's fair yesterday and joined STAR - Student Action for Refugees. The title is pretty self explanatory. Hope to be doing lots of good stuff in my local multi-racial community this year then. At the very least it'll be something new to talk about in the blog! No, only joking. The rights of refugees and asylum seekers is something I feel very strongly about, so I am really looking forward to getting involved.

Off to get some pizza with mummy and daddy now. My brother left for uni in Aberystwyth today (studying international politics and intelligence - mad), so mum's suffering from 'empty nest syndrome' a bit.

On that note! Something yummy and male to leave you with! (sorry if you ARE male and not as appreciative of my chosen images as girls and/or gay boys)


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