Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Oh the joy! Sunset Beach is back!! I completeley forgot it started again yesterday until about 9.30pm last night when I was just louging watching MTV and it hit me like a thunderbolt - SB started again today! Thank bloody God I remembered to set my alarm to get up in time to watch it this morning. Yes I am that lazy - it starts at 10.30am. It all came flooding back, not only the over-sized acting, but the over-sized everything else: Annie's lips; the pecs of every male character; Ben's quiff; the hair of about 80% of woman-kind before hair straighteners. How is it possible to enjoy something that is on many occasions so very bad? Who knows. Who cares! So far though, some of my favourite characters have yet to make an appearance - Olivia Richards (played by the ever awful Lesley Ann Downe), Aunt Bet, Cole and Caitlin, and my personal favourite, Father Antonio Torres. Can;t wait for him to turn up.

Back to the real world, I make my return to Leeds next weekend, so the countdown begins to when I am once again actually a Welsh Girl In Leeds. Only working half days this week, and not at all next week so I have time to prepare adn pack up my life once again into the boot of my car and ship it all over the border to that England place. So of course I'mmaking the most of this precious preperation time and today I, um, went to the beach. Had a barbecue in the sand dunes, played on the sand, in the sea and on the clay (i know, I'm a bit puzzled by that one too) and fell asleep, only to be woken up by the largest retriever I have ever seen nuzzling my ear and woofing at me for the half of burger that me and the boyf were both too full to finish. Blesss my boyfriend. For once he indulged rather than ridiculed my soap addiction and indulgently said, "its just like Home and Away isn't it?" Not the nuzzling dog bit, but the sand dunes, grasses and beach bit. Bless. He's even going to let me watch SB tomorrow as I'll be at his house when its on. Don't understand this sudden change of attitude towards all things soapy, but I'm not going to question it.


  • At 1:08 pm, Blogger Marie said…

    Which Caitlin though - first ("the muppet") Caitlin or second ("the usurper") Caitlin?

  • At 2:02 pm, Blogger Laura said…

    Definitely the first one. The second one really irritated me the way she said 'Coooole' and widened her eyes for "emphasis" whenever she was being "dramatic."


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