Thursday, September 23, 2004

So here I am, back in Leeds. Sitting in a computer lab in the boyf's department building, having just stood in a queue for an hour and a half to register, purely to get a form stamped and ... thats it.

What I went through trying to get in to my house on Sunday night. the front door has two locks, a top and a bottom one, and until yesterday I only had a key for the top one as did the boyf. My other two flatmates, who were in Thailand until late Sunday night, kew this, yetstill locked both locks on before they left for the Far East. So I drove up to my house on Sunday night, starting toget dark, slightly dodgy road, car full of crap... and no way to get in. Housemates wouldn;t be back until 5.30 am. So that was great! As it was, dad paid for a B and B, which was like a little (free) holiday, so it wasn't too bad. Still not the best start to my time here though!

The house is looking great now though. I've done my room up. Its all pink and purple - so girly! I love it!

Sickly child that I am, I have fresher's flu. Basically, its the flu, but as a result of too much partying/fast food and not enough sleep/decent food, in the first week of term. I had it last year too. At least I'm consistent! Thin is, it was earned last year. I barely saw my bed and didn't eat anything that didn't come out of a cardboard box. This year, I've only been out once, and that was jsut last night, whch I had to cut short at 1.30 because I felt so dodgy. Better today though. God hope my mum doesn't read this. She worries unnecassarily enough as it is. Off out to a reunion for my halls from last year, despite the slashed-feeling throat and killer headache. But its Fresher's Week! Has to be done!

Thats it for now. I really am working on the whole Internet access thing. I'll post again when I can.

Oh, and my WWE tickets were sold on eBay - £114. Made a profit of £14. Woohoo!


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