Friday, September 17, 2004

What a busy day I've had. Finally got over my hangover, by the way. Got my hair done this afternoon. Decided to go a bit darker than usual, as I'm back off to Leeds on Sunday. I normally come home to get my hair done by my normal hairdresser (don't quite trust those "trendy" city stylists) but I can't be coming home every four weeks just to get my roots done. So I figured, if I got it done a bit darker then my root regrowth wouldn't be as noticeable. In case you hadn't figured it out, I'm not a natural blond.

Also, got my new phone today!! YAY! Daddy Dearest owns his own mobile phone shop in fair Bangor, so I get pretty decent phones for free or an amzing discount. So when my old phone died on me, I put a request in for a Samsung E600. I know, I know, SPOILT BITCH alert. Don't care though! I was a bit gutted about my old phone though. I had Scar Tissue, Under the Bridge and Californication recorded LIVE on the voice recorder from when I went to see the Chilis in Cardiff. But sshh! Don't tell anyone. I'm sure its illegal somehow.


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