Thursday, September 16, 2004

You may remember that I had bought tickets to go see WWE Raw in Manchester with the boyf. They were lower tier, which is considerably better than when I went to see it last time and almost needed binoculars to see. However, last night I got us 2 more tickets on e-bay - ringside, 3rd row! Amazing! Cost us 200 quid though. Hmm. Not helping the overdraft much. But I just put our original ones up for sale and hopefully we'll get some money back.. So if you're interested, follow this link and gimme some money!

Other news, went out to Broadway last night and am still nursing the mother of all hangovers. Went out with a friend I haven't seen in ages. Whenever I used to go out with her the pair of us always got absolutely wrecked. And I went out with the intention of not spending a lot. Should have remembered really. Also met up with a friend of mine I really haven't seen in ages. Spent half of the night drunkenly declaring "I love you you know. You were my best boy-friend until I actually got a boyfriend." Bless him. He handled it all really well, considering the state I was in and all. Good night had by all, in general.


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