Friday, October 22, 2004

And we have connection! I am now fully connected to the t'internet and ready to blog. So here goes.

Right. Where to start. What to say first. Oh yes, wrestling. As I said, last Monday night we went to go and see Raw live at the MEN Arena in Manchester, which was broadcast around the world, and we were third row from the front ringside. All I can really say to describe it, is AMAZING. We were only about 5 metres from the ring. When Chris Jericho came out it was for a tag team match and his corner was the corner we were sat at. I jumped up and down and screamed like he was a rock star(which actually, he is as well, but thats another story), as well as shed a tear or two for how close I was to someone I've worshipped from afar (i.e. through a telly screen) for so long. Then, when Shawn Michaels came out, aka HBK, the Heart Break Kid, it was even more amazing. This guy is really a living legend and has devoted 20 years of his life almost to wrestling, and even came back after a neck injury when he was told he should never wrestle again. As I said, a living legend, and REALLY SEXY with it! He was at our corner too and I just couldn't believe how close we were to him. We were allowed to all stand up when the wrestlers all came down to the ring, but once the fight started we all had to sit down, but at one point, when he was looking round in our direction, everyone was sitting down, but I stood up, flying my 'HBK' banner in the air and I KNOW he saw me! After the cameras finished filming, Shawn Michaels, Edge, Chris Benoit and Randy Orton hung around the arena for a good ten minutes saying hi to the crowd who were front row ringside. Randy Orton was hugging girls who were in the front row and Shawn Michaels got up on the commentator table and did his sexy boy dance. I'll remember him forever! I have informed the boyf that when we get married and have babies, we have to call our son Shawn Michael. He's still thinking about it. watched it when it was on Sky last week and I saw myself FOUR times. Famous!

Also went to go and see Smackdown on Tuesday. We couldn't afford to get ringside tickets for that too, so we were upper tier for that, but it was still amazing.

Photos of Raw and Smackdown will follow this post.

Started my job last week. Its not at all what I expected it to be like. Its a really informal working environment and we all have a right laugh. Its like being back in school really. We all sit around in our little booths chatting and taking the piss out of each other, and then when the supervisor walks through we all pick up a phone and pretend we're doing work. Its great! The only downside really is that as we're selling to old people, a lot of the time the people that we ask to speak to have actually already died (what do you say then?) or is just about to go into or out of hospital with a serious heart operation or something, and don't we half feel great then! I've made some cool friends in the 2 weeks I've been working there, though, so its all good really.

And we've bought a hamster! We drove past the pet shop on the way to ASDA and decided that we were going to just get a goldfish or two, but once we were in there we decided we wanted a pet we can stroke which, lets face it, you can't really do with a fish, so we got a hamster! She's six months old, a Syrian Tiger hamster and she's called Poppy. She's manic though, and runs alarmingly fast for a hamster. Photos to follow!


  • At 7:19 pm, Blogger Ys said…

    Aww, new hamster? Cute :) Didn't fancy calling her Deschannel or something like that? ;D

    Wrestling men are not really my thing... glad you had a nice time though! :)

  • At 5:42 pm, Blogger Laura said…

    Thats actually a really good idea! But she came with her name and it didn't seem fair to change it. Didn't want to confuse her or anything as, obviously, she knows exactly what she's called.


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