Saturday, October 30, 2004

Apologies for lack of bloggage, had a very busy week. Not in the sense that I've done lots of things, just had a very boring book report to do on a very boring book. Handed it in yesterday so hopefully posting will resume as normal.

Went in to work yesterday afternoon to pick up my wages, and left without a job. Yes, I got sacked from the worst job in the world for being the worst at it. Thing is, its hard to be good at something when you don't really believe in what you're doing anyway, and to be honest I did feel a bit like I was exlpoiting old and infirm people. The problem was I wasn't making enough appointments. I had re-training (tre humiliating) but if anything I just got worse. I knew it was coming and wasn't all that bothered; I'd already told one of the blokes I work with I was going to get another job anyway, because I was starting to leave work every day in a state of depression, but the way it was done was a bit dodgy. I got told in the doorway of the building by my boss as he was on his way home. But looking at him as he was doing it made me realise what a laughable situation I was in. I was looking at this bloke wearing a white Fred Perry stripey jumper, white trackies, a white cap - sideways on- and white puffer jacket, with all his gold earings and chains and sovereigns, slightly chubby, shorter than me, and 35 years old. I just though, 'I'm getting sacked by you.' Not that I'm a snob or anything. Oh and they didn't leave my wages out for me so to make matters worse, I've got to go back again next week to pick them up. So yeah, great stuff. I need another job now, desperately, but somehow I think I'm going to steer away from adjustable beds and old/disabled people from now on.


  • At 11:51 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Hey babe, what can i say. stuff em!!!! there loss hey. ya sound like a funky chick. keep ya chin up


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