Sunday, October 17, 2004

Quick post. Have no time to blog right now. New job, though providing me with money, is taking all my time so have to do lots of uni work RIGHT NOW. Don't worry, though, getting NTL in the house next week so will soon be able to blog AND post pictures to my heart's content. So keep visiting in anticipation of all promised updates and pictures asap.


  • At 6:32 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I want to seeur Budgie !!!!!!

  • At 7:48 pm, Blogger PaleSpyder said…

    Prynhawn da!
    Just wanted to leave a comment like I was asked. I am in the SCA and my persona is that of a 14th century welshman fighting in frace. I found your blog through the Medieval History link. Well Latah!


  • At 10:45 am, Blogger Laura said…

    I can only guess that 'anonymous' is either mum ,dad or ceri, and she is not a budgie she is a hamster! and as i have said on t'telephone, as soon as ntl's up i WILL post pictures of her! hopefully that will be either today or tomorrow. for those of you not understanding, i have bought a hamster called poppy, and yes, pictures will be posted asap.


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