Sunday, November 14, 2004

Best recent search that ended up here: 'sexy dance girl and toggle'

On Thursday I signed up as a temp at the union's student job centre, and was promptly 'employed' as a temporary flyer for the Leeds marketing team of new Disney film 'The Incredibles.' Apparently we (me and my flatmate who also signed up) were supposed to do the flyer distribution dressed AS The Incredibles, in huge big superhero suites. Well, we weren't too eager to do that. Thankfully, we managed to talk ourselves out of it. We then proceeded to go flying around the pubs and take-aways in Headingley, the main student area just outside of Leeds. It was quite fun really. Although we were propositioned by more than a few fat, balding, middle-aged Asian men running Chinese (?) and Italian (?) take-aways, which wasn't quite so much fun. Next temp job: bar staff at the union for visiting gigs. Quite excited actually. The nights that I'm working the bands playing are; Embrace, Lost Prophets, Barenaked Ladies. So effectively, I'm getting paid to watch bands. I really don't know why I didn't think of this temping thing earlier.

While watching Charmed on Five last night, I noticed that Robyn, the evil hippy watch from back in time, was played by none other than Sunset Beach's Caitlin. Not the one who's on at the moment, the Caitlin who replaces the muppet-Caitlin in about six months time. So, there was life after Sunset Beach for the muppets, I mean cast memebers, after it was cancelled. Other SB exes who I've come across since its demise: Eddie Cibrian (Cole mark 2) as a fireman in Sabrina the Teenage Witch; Susan Ward (Meg) as a 'beautiful girl' in Hercules: the Legendary Journeys and as a 'beautiful bitch' in B-film The In Crowd. Other more 'successful' SB exes: Lesley-Ann Downe (Olivia) in The Bold and The Beautiful; Sarah Buxton (Annie) in The Bold and The Beautiful; the girl who played Tiffany in The Bold and the Beautiful (noticing a pattern emerging here). Come to think of it, The B and the B did turn into a bit of a dumping ground for SB rejects. Yet it was never as good as SB itself. Funny.


  • At 7:49 pm, Blogger Ys said…

    You get to see the Lost Prophets? Jealous!

    I saw Caitlin (the new one, not the original) playing a hooker in "Angel" -- at the end of season 3. She propositions Conner -- what a slut; he's mine! ;D

  • At 10:00 am, Blogger Kat Doyland said…

    Ugh no conners ming, and i was actually going to say "You get to see barenaked ladies?!" - some people are just more lucky than me. Oh and I probably would of worn the giant incredibles outfit - or at least tried it on


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