Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Worked again last night, this time to the tune of the Lost Prophets. Ear plugs were handed out to all bar staff - but ran out by the time they came to me, which was great. I'm not a huge fan of grunge rock (if that is even what they are - punk maybe? Correct me if you do know- I don't like to be unneccassarily ignorant about anything) but I did quite enjoy it. I even got to watch some of it, because once they (eventually) came on at 9.30, most of the audience were either in the moshpit or queueing up for tap water, so my services were in limited demand at one point. The moshers were very funny to watch, all red and sweaty, and a few of them were collapsing on the bar while asking for pints of Coke. It was mostly underage people there, so we had to ask nearly everyone for ID, and, having usually been on the other side of that conversation, I did quite enjoy being the one saying 'I'm sorry I can't serve you then.' I think the power went to my head a bit, as I was literally asking EVERYONE by the end of the night, regardless of how old they looked. It gave some of the older blokes a giggle anyway (35 year old moshers - why? Do you think anyone will employ you looking like that?) And I can now report, that I am officially good at bar work. Yep, that's right, a whole night with not one glitch. Must be a record.

Off to work now - 3 essays, thats 6000 words plus endless research, all in for next Friday, and I've done... one. Essay, not words, obviously.


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