Friday, December 10, 2004

Been Googling Mr Armitage. Look what I found. So I'm not alone in my obsession, I mean appreciation, and he's single. Yay!

On another note: on Wednesday night I went on an Otley Run. Now, if you attend Leeds Uni, then you'll know what this is. If not, let me explain. The road that runs through the student area of Headingley and Hyde Park, past the uni and into the city is called Otley Road, and its got about 15 pubs running along it. The Otley Run is when a group of students, in fancy dress or otherwise, drink in every one of these pubs and then end up in the large, and rather crazy, superclub that is Creation. It was my flatmate's birthday on Wednesday (well not really, its on 21 December but we won't all be here then) so we did it for her birthday - dressed in a nativity theme. My flatmate was baby Jesus, dressed Little Britain style, I was the Star of Bethlehem, we had Mary, 2 Wise Men, a donkey, Angel Gabriel, Gold, a sheep, and the Little Drummer Boy. Some of our other friends were on another Otley Run that ran in conjunction with ours, dressed as Chavs, and there were a few other Otley Runners around as well, namely Boys Dressed as Girls, and a Top Gun theme. Needless to say, a lot of fun was had by all, especially as we sang Christmas Carols as we went along. It wasn't as much fun being in a seminar at 10 o clock the next morning. I'll leave you with the pictures. What a funny night.


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