Monday, December 06, 2004

It finally happened. Its finished. Done. How am I going to cope? What's going to get me through the week now? North and South. It finished last night. Nooo! Did you see it? Did you?? it was so good, the last ten minutes when Thornton looked at Marageret with such love, (yes I know it was only acting) and with his undone, baggy white shirt and two days of stubble growth and... oh. This sort of condition should be medically recognised and diagnosed - Mr Darcy Syndrome. There, its got a name now. All Richard Armitage was missing last night was for his shirt to be wet a-la Pride and Prejudice and to ride off on a horse glistening in the sun (him, not the horse). Where can I meet a tall, dark, brooding, too intelligent for his own good and Victorian-dressed man? And yes I know I have a boyfriend, but he is neither quite tall enough or Victorian (but perfect just the same, in case he reads this). And apparently there are no plans for it to be released on DVD. Really don't know how I'm going to cope. I really don't.

Another thing that has come to an end is my essay writing. All 3 of them to be exact. Handed them in on Friday morning. The writing of said essays explains why I haven't written here for over a week. At 11 o clock on Thursday night just as I thought I was finishing the last one, a lighting bolt (or is that thunder?) of realisation hit me that I'd done completely the wrong thing, so I had to rewrite the whole bloody essay, and proceeded to be up until 4am. So that was good. Trying very hard to adjust to the mindset now that I am ALLOWED to watch Neighbours FOLLOWED BY Dr Quinn Medicine Woman WITHOUT feeling guilty as I don't have thousands and thousands of words to write anymore. Unfortunately, this new state of freedom is taking a bit to adjust to.

I worked in the cloakroom in the union club on Saturday and have deduced that being smothered in coats makes you attractive to the opposite sex, as I have never been propositioned so much in my life as I was on Saturday. Two boys told me I was sexy (haven't quite figured out a cool, non-utterly astounded reply to that one) and two SEPERATE boys tried to kiss me. One went so far as to try and climb into the cloakroom and had to be restrained. He was pissed though. Was a bit flustered to say the least. And another boy with an affro would only give his coat ticket to me, accompanied with a suggestive smile and wink. I don't mean to sound big headed by all this, more completely baffled. Now, though, I've probably used my entire life's male-attention quota in one night and will never be winked at or lunged-over-a-counter at again. Maybe if I met Richard Armitage with a cloakroom counter in between us he'd fancy me. Of course, the small issue of how to get a 30 year old, London based actor (yes I have read his online CV) into a Leeds University student union is a bit of a stumper. Any suggestions?


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