Monday, December 20, 2004

Just checked my hit counter to see where all my lovely (and silent! Humph!) visitors come from and by what means they find me and I cannot believe how many people come here by searching for Mr Armitage. Tis amazing. Out of the last 25 visitors I've had, I'd say about 22 have come here through searching for Richard (first name terms now). Yet no one comments! Why? Why?! I watched the last episode of Sparkhouse last night that I taped using the wonderful Sky Plus off UK Drama, thanks to the amazingness that is, which has a handy section which tells you what he's on telly on during the week. However, about half way through I realised that I had in fact already watched Sparkhouse when it was on telly the first time round, yet I had completely failed to notice Richard Armitage. Obviously I've since taken to wearing a hair shirt and repetitively whipping myself as penance. How could I have missed him though? He was so very beautiful, even with just a bit more meat on his bones, but I like big men anyway - I'm a wrestler (note: not wrestLING) fan, after all. And he's so tall, and has such lovely eyes, and ... oh. Interesting fact - Sparkhouse is set just outside Halifax (I'm assuming filmed there too) in an area where after Easter Vacation earlier this year on the way back to Leeds, the boyf had car trouble and ended up stranded in the middle of the Yorkshire Moors until about 4.30 am, when I finally found him (I got lost, um, several times, shall we say, on the way ) and towed him through the Moors and Halifax town back to Leeds. So there. Scanty connection, I know, but still...

Final thought: the washing machine in our house has broken and we are a family of 5, plus one big hairy dog, which means lots of laundry. It is the week before Christmas, so obviously and understandably, Mum is frantic, so we are doing all the washing by hand, in the freezing coldness of the utility room and back yard, Victorian washer-woman style. I want to go back to Leeds, where my washing machine is reliable, I only do laundry once a week, and I don't have a backyard to be freezing in. Also, I can watch whatever I want on telly (although not, on Sky Plus, as I don't have it) without being told that Charmed and Most Haunted are silly. Although here, we do have a dish washer, and I don't have to cook for myself. Hmm, perhaps we could do the laundry in the dishwasher?


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