Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Please ignore the photo below. Yes it is me, but no I am not being self-indulgent and randomly posting pictures of my own face. There is a reason behind it. I am attempting to update my profile photo as I have lost some weight since the last one was taken and want to show off how skinny I am, and I have to post a photo so I can get its URL to put into the 'Edit Profile' section of Blogger. However, Blogger is being very, very, very slow in the profile editing department today, so you may have to stare at a full sized shot of my mug for a bit longer until it starts working again. Once that happens I can delete it and you'll only be subjected to me in miniature form again. Promise.

Meanwhile, I have joined the Armitage Army (see new link list to the right). Yes, I'm a fully-fledged Armitage Obsessive. But, according to The Times today, I am not alone. A whole page article is written about said regiment, as well as, which I have been supporting here for a while myself. I'm not entirely sure what a paper such as The Times dedicating a whole page to an Internet phenomenon, that has of yet only a few hundred members and is, after all, made up of women lusting after a tv character/actor depending on the individual, actually means about the state of the news at the moment. But, that is neither here nore there (and it is in the special 'Women' section, so we'll let them off).

And yes, when my Leeds flatmates read this I am more than aware of what they will say. Don't worry - I'm already bracing myself for the inevitable piss-taking. But again, neither here nor there...

Richard Armitage... mmm...

(You can read the above mentioned article online here.)


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