Wednesday, December 22, 2004

So I've spent the past 5 hours or so reading up on the reign of King John and the Magna Carta with one eye and reading and posting on The Armitage Army with the other, while listening to the Comedy Awards, all at the same time. Multi-tasking at its best! Although while managing to do all this, I have forgotten to call one of my flatmates and wish her happy birthday. And its her 21st. What a crappy friend I am. Al, if you read this, I am very, very sorry and am about to txt you right now. You'll forgive me when you see what me and Laine have got you though!

Ok, enough inside stuff now. I think I have had a record number of hits today, in a continuous stream, not just random splurges. With the exception of a few "tall girl in leeds" (?)and "how to find a nice girl in your area" (?!) searches, again, mostly searching for Mr A. Plus, my first two visitors referred from my profile on The Armitage Army page.

Is it just me, or are things just not as Christmassy as normal this year? Try as I might, I can't really seem to get in the Christmas mood. I'm thinking it might be because of the washing machine disaster, and ensuing stress (although we now have a new one) or maybe the continuing absence of the boyf, who is himself the embodiment of Christmas spirit. At this time of year he usually reverts in age by about 12 years and is more like an 8 year old than a 21 year old, shaking presents to guess what they are and watching Santa Clause:the Movie repeatedly.

Off to bed. Up early tomorrow for examination of the Frankish barbarian kingdom of the 6th century, and The Armitage Army, accompanied by Sunset Beach.


  • At 9:50 am, Blogger Ys said…

    I'm not feeling Chrismassy either -- I thought it was just me!


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