Friday, January 14, 2005

And its finally happened! My exams are OVER! I had my last one, ooh, approximately an hour and ten minutes ago. I had to go and have a sandwich and a drink straight after because I was so nervous this morning I couldn't eat any breakfast and my belly grumbled all the way throught the exam.

I have had three exams this week; Medieval England on Tuesday (possibly the best of the bunch), Seventeenth Century England yesterday (went fairly well) and Barbarians of the Dark Ages today (the worst of the lot, but still not as bad as I was expecting, so there is hope for my degree yet!). There is now a whole week of exams left, in which I have NOT ONE! So I intend to stay in bed until 12 everyday, watching Sunset Beach followed by a Charmed double bill on Living, WITHOUT worrying that I should be doing something more productive BECAUSE I'VE GOT NOTHING ELSE TO DO. Should go some way towards making up for the distinct lack of Christmas Holidays that I had. Yes, I know, I didn't exactly do A LOT of work over Christmas, not as much as I should have anyway, but that was sort of the point. Because I didn't do as much as I should have, I spent the time when I wasn't working worrying that I should be, so spent the whole time I was at home in a stress of one sort or another. Ah well, a whole week of nothing before it all starts over again. A half term, if you will. Sort of.


  • At 7:14 pm, Blogger Peter said…

    Me = jealous. I've got my final exam next week on monday. I'm not sure I could do nothing the 1-day-short-of-a-week off so I've made plans.

    Your modules sound quite interesting... but I know they involve essays and the unfortunate thing is: I'm alergic to them.

    Hope you did well!

  • At 10:12 am, Blogger Ys said…

    Glad to hear the exams are over :) You enjoy relaxing with SB for a while - it's all excitement there!!!

  • At 5:33 pm, Blogger Laura said…

    Ooh I know! Caitlin and Cole - what antics!

    Peter - that is where i obviously differ from you. I can quite easily do nothing no matter what the time scale. Comes quite naturally! And yes, it is ALL essays. Oh the fun of it all ... lol.

  • At 5:59 pm, Blogger Peter said…

    Who am I? Well, you might have known me in a past life, but not school. I'm a friend of Rhys who links to you. Your blog read well so I added you as not to forget.


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