Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Apologies for lack of bloggage. This can be explained in several ways. Mostly, though, by the return of the boyf to Wales the day before Xmas Eve, so lots of time spent with him; me doing intensive revision for my impending exams; and my membership of the Armitage Army, in that hours have been spent with my laptop on my knee and the 'refresh' button being pressed repeatedly to see if any new posts have been written. Addicitive isn't the word.

Now, however, I am back in Leeds in order to get lots of pre-exam work done with minimum distractions. This does mean, however, that over the next two weeks posting will be sporadic to say the least.

So until I post next, keep reading (to increase my hit counter), donate money to the Tsunami appeal (see below) and send out 'good luck in your exams' and 'you will meet and marry Richard Armitage, if not then Gerard Butler will do' thoughts to me. Ta!



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