Friday, January 21, 2005

Week of Nothingness is going well. At least to the extent that I haven't actually done much. But the feeling of nothingness, of 'yay I've got nothing to do except nothing' hasn't been quite what I was expecting.

Probably, because I have had some things to do. Just small things, like call up the water board or pick up the boyf's repaired phone from the city. I think that's been the problem. And no, I'm not THAT lazy. Its hard to explain. I haven't been getting up until 11am, and then watching the obligitory Charmed double bill on Living until 1pm (yes, I KNOW). Then I was getting dressed, and then I had to have lunch, and by then it was about 2.30pm, not long till darkness and the day is half over, and I've done bugger all. I think this would have been all fine and dandy had I literally had nothing to do, but when you know you've got a few little things to do but you're not doing them and they're nagging away at the back of your mind, its stressfull! No, really - it is!! (Have I convinced you yet?)

Also, I think that the fact the the boyf's been busy at work (you know, that thing - what's it called again? Oh yeah - earning a living) and t'other two flatmates have busy revising for exams and doing essays, and I've been sat on the sofa. Yes, this is what they were doing when I was doing my exams, but that's not the point. It was this feeling of lazyness (?) that led me to do the washing up ALL BY MYSELF three days in a row. I even dried up and put away as well.

However, today, t'other two housemates have also finished their exams. One is getting very drunk in the pub as we speak (or, um, type and read, but you know what I mean) and the other is here with me, lying on the other sofa, music channel surfing, surrounded by accumulated crap and washing up that hasn't been done since my activity burst burned itself out, so feel better in that I have a lazyness companion.

I don't know when I'm well off do I? Come next week when the work starts again and the library becomes my second home again, it'll be a whole different kind of moaning that I'm doing.

Oh, went to see Alexander last night, in order to make uo my own mind whether or not it was crap. Mind made up - resounding YES. A film me and the boyf have the same opinion on. We BOTH thought it was the worst film ever. Shame really, beacause it could have been so good.. Don't waste 3 hours of your life on it, unless its purely just to be able to say "yes I too was witness to that awfulness." Irish Macedonians - why?


  • At 10:45 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I'm confused; earning a living?

  • At 12:09 am, Blogger Ys said…

    I hate to disagree with you, Laura, but Alexander was great! I've seen it twice and if money would allow I'd go again... and again... and again... :)

  • At 2:49 pm, Blogger Laura said…

    lol i know i've read your blog! sorry - thought it was crap! we shall just have to agree to disagree! (although will agree with you on jared leto - mmm!)

  • At 10:45 pm, Blogger Ys said…

    oh well, if you like Jared too then I guess I can forgive you ;)


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