Wednesday, February 09, 2005

First of all, to my lovely readers who have wished my hand a 'get well soon', plus those Armitagettes who have sent me RA cookies for the same purpose - thank you very much. Both me and my hand are doing fine, especially seeing as how it really was such a teeny tiny cut.

Right, down to the serious blogging. On the weekend I made a little trip home to the north of Wales and took my lovely flatmate with me, to give her a tour of the 'sights' of Colwyn Bay, as well as the Broadway Boulevard experience (judge for yourself if you dare!). I have to say, apart from being slightly worried about getting beaten up by the Bay townies that are absolutely everywhere and seem to have multiplied since I was last home, she seemed to find North Wales delightful.

On Monday night, back in Leeds now, I actually attended a members meeting for STAR. Regular readers (if there are any of you, that is) may remeber that this is a Student Action for Refugees Society that I joined way back in September. You may also have noticed that I have written zilch about it since. This is for the simple reason that I haven't actually attended anything. This semester, however, I intend to remedy that and get involved.

So I dragged my lovely flatmate along for moral support. We all played a lovely game called 'lets all pretend to be refugees fleeing from our country' (obviously, its not actually called that. That would be silly and take away from the gravity of the subject). We were randomly put into families (mine was an illiterate farmng family) and had to carry out a series of tasks to get us out of our country, through immigration and to safety across the border. At one point we all had to huddle, blindfolded, in a corner of the room and be very still and silent while people pretended to be dogs, growling in our faces and trying to sniff us out. Immigration and the border crossing was fun, seeing as how we couldn't read, write, or speak the national language. All in all, I'd say it was a very educational excercise, although seeing as how we were all already there, they were sort of preaching to the converted. The society intends to take the workshop around local schools and youth clubs to educate children on asylum seekers and refugees.

Yesterday was another exciting day. I've been wearing a white 'Make Poverty History' band for a few months now, but yesterday was the first day I got involved in anything to do with it. It was the launch of Make Poverty History in Leeds University and a Hunger Banquet was held. Its idea is to demonstrate that its pure luck which level of income you're born into, so everyone who attended was randomly assigned an income. If you were high income, then you were waited on for a three-course meal on the top table, which was on the stage, and if you were low income then you ate rice on the floor. There was a middle income somewhere in between. I was high income (yay!) and got a lovely three course meal. It was very powerful and educational and I'm hoping to get involved in the campaign in the university this year. Also, it was on BBC news last night! Famous!


  • At 3:20 pm, Blogger Ys said…

    That's great that you got to do something with the Make Poverty History campaign :) I too have been wearing my white band.


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