Monday, February 14, 2005

Happy Valentine's Day! Don't you just hate it when February the 14th comes round again, and there's no card on the doorstep, no flowers delivered, and no one to snuggle up to while everyone else in the world is snuggling up to their some one. Don't you just HATE 'everyone else'?

Well, hate me!

Yes, I am one of those annoying people who has a boyfriend on Valentine's day (for the third in a row, may I add).

Here are my Valentine's plans, just so you hate me a little bit more.

Although me and the boyf are both very skint at the moment and had agreed we weren't going to buy anything more than a card for each other and celebrate the 'occasion' by just watching a DVD, the lovely man suprised me with a bag full of Lush goodies and a table reservation for a lovely Mexican restaurant tonight. Bless him. Simple but romantic and heartfelt. Hate me muchos?

Oh, and just to finish you all off ...

The first Valentine's day we were together, he took me to see the stage version of Chicago and for dinner in a hotel first. Last year, he whisked me away to Brussels in a really nice traditional hotel for the weekend.

But, to be honest, if I didn't have my lovely boyf, I too would be snearing at soppy couples and swearing at the postman for only giving me the gas bill. Just as I did for the other 17 years of my life.

Either that, or acknowledging the TRUE meaning of Valentine's day - its purely a commercial day invented by card companies like Hallmark. Or the Greek gods after that St. Valentine bloke? Or, um, in honour of that little cherub Cupid maybe?

But whatever.



  • At 9:39 am, Blogger Ys said…

    Hey, I may be single on Valentines Day but I don't really mind that there are couples everywhere - seems like a bit of a wasted day to me to be honest. I don't go in for all that soppy stuff really. So I hope you had a really nice day with your man :)

  • At 2:29 pm, Blogger Laura said…

    LOL - i think. Is that me being well and truly told off?

  • At 8:24 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    You've paid the gas bill for your entire life?

    I thought my parents were brutal!

  • At 10:56 pm, Blogger Laura said…

    ha di ha di ha! you know what i meant!

  • At 10:48 am, Blogger Ys said…

    "Laura said... LOL - i think. Is that me being well and truly told off?"

    Hee, hee, a little, yeah ;)


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