Saturday, February 19, 2005

This week I have been mostly doing ... lots of things!

I went to a Make Poverty History meetingon Wednesday and I am now part of the Leeds University MPH team. Woohoo! Pro-active! At the moment plans are all still a bit hazy, but basically, as well as doing lots of sporadic things throughout the year, we're going to do a MPH week, which I'm doing a project for. Me and a few other girls are taking over the Parkinson court (a huge hall-type place at uni) for one day of that week and we're hoping ot go into local schools and youth groups and get children to draw what they think poverty means, which we're going to use to make a bit of an exhibition, hopefully accompanied with talks, dramas and bands. It'll look good on my CV too!

On Thursday I went to my first ever yoga class. Through MPH I've made friends with a girl who's here on an exchange programme from Colorado. She's so nice! I've been friends with her for a few weeks now, and on Thursday she finally managed to get me to go with her to yoga. I didn't realise until I got there that it was an intermediate clas and was an hour and a half long. And I'm perhaps the most unflexible person ever. At several points I was thinking to myself "I can't believe I've put myself throught htis much pain voluntarily." I used muscles I never knew I had before. In the end, though, I really enjoyed it and hopefully will now go nearly every day with my American chum. If she's got anything to do with it I will, anyway.

This morning I made it to a STAR Saturday Club. You may remember that I made it to approximately one Saturday club all last semester. However, this semester its been moved to Harehills, (a LOVELY place *ahum*) and taxis are needed to get there. So I've volunteered my services as a driver, with the hope that it will make me go every week, which I really do want to do, but sometimes need a little bit of encouragement, as last semester clearly demonstrated.

And tonight me and the flatmates are off out into town. Inspired by the video to Jenifer Lopez' 'Get Right' we're going to some 'nice' bars and to Townhouse to see if we can see any celebrities.


  • At 11:33 am, Blogger Sarah said…

    Hello there - Just surfing and came across your blog. Nice to find another Welsh woman blogging :)


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