Tuesday, March 15, 2005

I have just escaped from enforced confinement hell. Otherwise known as left my house keys in my car last night, woke up after everyone else in the house had left and was locked in. Its all my own fault though because I knew my keys were in my car last night, but my car keys were all the way upstairs and I couldn't be bothered to get them. I did have every intention of getting my house keys before I went to bed, but after two hours of watching Most Haunted Live, on my own, until 1am, I conveniently 'forgot' to go out in the dark all by myself and just assumed it would all work out tomorrw (i.e. today). Obviously, though, it didn't. Its all the more silly because I did exactly the same thing yesterday, missed a lecture for a module I haven't missed a single one of so far this semester, and had to wait until someone came home at 1pm-ish to let me out. As it was today, the only person available to let me out was the boyfriend, who, at 3.45pm, rolled up outside the house in a huge removals wagon (he works in it - didn't just steal it or anything) full of lairy men laughing at me. Tre, tre embarassing. At least I got to watch another whole Charmed double bill, as well as an hour and a half of baby-related programmes on Discovery Health, with a sprinkling of Will and Grace along the way.

On another note: Neighbours. It is all very good at the moment, what with the fire-related drama, Stuart and Sindi getting Toadie's blessing (Stuart's going to be blind you know!) and Steph's double pregnancy/euthanasia storyline. But I have a bone to pick with the scriptwriters. Paul Robinson? Everyone knows that without those Elessi twins he was nothing as a character. And if they were going to insist on bringing back a Robinson, why not a better one? There were loads to choose from, after all. Personally, I think they should have brought back Jim Robinson. The fact that he's now dead and 'living' in the OC, complete with dodgy American accent, would just have made it all the more interesting.


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