Wednesday, April 20, 2005

How much work am I doing at the moment?! HOW I wish I'd been a little bit more organised at home. Its all getting done according to schedule though, so it should be ok.

Last night me and the boyf went to t'pub to watch a comedian. The performance was under the name of a 'Peter Kay Experience'. The bloke was actually the guy from the Amarillo video. Loads of people there thought it was very funny, but the 'experience' basically consisted of a fat northern bloke completely ripping off every show Peter Kay has done, including Phoenix Nights, and just re-telling every joke. I'm sure if I was hearing them all for the first time then I would have found it funny, but jokes that you've already heard once on telly and then a million times by everyone who's eveer watched it, are not so funny. To cut a long story short - I was not impressed. But I got drunk, so it all worked out ok in the end.

This morning I went to a local high school to get the kiddies to do some poverty-related artwork for next week's Make Poverty History art exhibition I'm helping organise as part of the uni's MPH week of action. It was heaploads of fun, and I got a fair amount of paint down me. I'm back off there later to pick up the pieces once the paint has dried. On the paintings, not on me.

And now I am killing some time before my meeting with my tutor at 3.30pm. I was supposed to see him at 2.30 but he forgot and has rescheduled. I'm a little bit scared because he's a big, posh, heavily sarcastic man and can be a little bit intimidating. I'm not in trouble or anything, that I know of anyway, I just need help with my essay, so I can't think of too many things that he could torture me about.

Oh, and I hear a new Pope has been elected. I'm not entirely sure what the point was in making such an old bloke Pope. He looks like he'll be dead before the end of the year. Are younger men not as dedicated and devout as old folk?


  • At 10:15 pm, Anonymous Ys said…

    Hope the meeting went okay with Mr Sarcasm.

    I kinda like the new Pope - he's cuddly :)

  • At 12:08 am, Blogger Richard said…

    Is the fat northern bloke from the Peter Kay video Kay?!

  • At 9:57 am, Blogger Laura said…

    No, I mean, yes, but there's a bit when there's two 'peters' and he was one of them. Trust me. I do not lie.

  • At 9:43 am, Blogger Ms Mac said…

    I think the whole point of the old bloke for pope was that he wouldn't be pope for too long, bringing a chance for fresh blood not too further down the line.

    I'm sure I'm going to hell for saying that.

  • At 2:51 am, Blogger Jon said…

    I'm a bit worried - the last we hear, you were having that meeting with that posh bloke, and now a week later... nothing!

    Laura, are you OK??

  • At 9:30 am, Blogger Curly said…

    Probably struck down by a certain deity for making comments about the pope on her blog...!


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