Saturday, May 21, 2005

Well! Who knew that getting broken in to could do such wonders for one's blog! EIGHTEEN comments! A record, I think, and also from new readers. Bonus!

A few responses:-

Alice - you know you love the little lady really.

Gina - a new commentor! Always welcome.

ms. mac - fear not - that I am aware of, no one else has suffered such bad luck since, but then again I haven't checked Richard for a few days and there is still time for Mrs Richard to find out about GG.

The many, many anonymouses who have turned up all of a sudden - firstly, please identify yourselves - don't be shy. Secondly, please come again!

Fellow history student in London - fortunately, or perhaps unfortunately considering recent events, the hamster just does not bite. Except my toes when she's running around the living room floor on an 'adventure', i.e. escaped from the cage again. But I shall work on it.

Curly - yes, flour is very helpful. Who knew it had so many uses.

Ys - it wasn't so much as a flour fight, on my part anyway. I just walked down the stairs and had a handful chucked at me. Thankfully I had missed much of the earlier action (by hiding in my room - I had just done my hair).

Yet another anonymous - I do have a big hairy boyfriend, but unfortunately he had moved out of the house just a week earlier and was back in Wales. Talk about timing.

Ann - keep at the blogging. It is much more fun than essay writing, revising, etc.

WS! - Well hung, hey Jon? ;)

Mother - all I can say is - bless you! You are now famous and have your own fans. And I can confirm that despite being the tiniest person I know, you do have the ability to be very, very scary. And although the burgling scallies will never, ever read the bloggage, I'm sure, if they did, they would most definitely think twice before burgling me again.

And in other news, the revising is still going strong. I now know everything you could possibly ask me about Richard II. I am currently halfway through Edward I. This is my favourite module, being medieval and all, so at the moment its not so much of a chore, which is always nice. However, I was working in the union last night, in Stylus, and I'm still a bit sleepy. It was an Aftershock promotional night so we all had to wear very flaterring Aftershock t-shirts (not). So I'm going to have a cup of tea and maybe a little bit of chocolate and then get back to your favourite king and mine - Edward!


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