Friday, June 10, 2005

You know its summer when the tennis rackets come out. And its not even Wimbledon yet. Me and Tim played yesterday for the first time in over a year. At first I was a bit rusty* but after a while I was scoring aces left, right and centre.** Tim's a fantabulous tennis player and always goes really easy on me - if he played properly then our games would consist of me standing still for about 10 minutes - the time it would take for me to watch enough tennis balls fly straight past me in a blur for it to be game, set and match. Its all great fun though, PLUS great exercise, which I need if my bottom and thighs are going to get back down to the size they were when I was 17 in time for me to go away in August - i.e. about a quarter of their current size. Achievable goal? I don't think so. Fun in the process? Yes. Until I get bored, anyway.

At the moment, apart from putting Maria Pavlova (or something) to shame on the court, I am looking for a job. Me and Tim are going travelling round Italy and Croatia for 4 weeks in August and I reckon I'll need about a grand, including travelling costs. Current funds? About minus £60. So the job situation is dire. I have applied for what can only be described as my dream job -

Must have a good knowledge and keen interest in local Welsh history, be
experienced in dealing with the public, have a polite pleasant and cheerful manner.

Its like they know me!! I won't find out about it until at least Monday, though, and its only part-time hours so I'll need to get another job, perhaps bar work, to make up the money, but I really, really, really, want that job! I shall keep you posted.

And in telly-related news, I was most distressed when watching Home and Away today, to discover that Scott and Danni have broken up. To be honest, I have seen it coming for a while, but it was still a shock and I think that the whole community of Summer Bay will be shaken upon hearing the news. And, after checking H&, I was even more shocked to discover that Scott gets together with Hayley! Gah! Wrong. All wrong. That girl gets around a bit, in real and telly-life. The actress, Bec Cartwright, is engaged to and having the baby of Lleyton Hewitt - after barely a year together! Kids today.

* complete understatement.

**one left, one right and one centre - all 3 complete and utter luck.


  • At 12:34 am, Blogger Marie said…

    According to my spies they've had to write the pregnancy into H&A as well. Hayley and Scott? It's so wrong. I always thought she'd end up with Jesse in the end.

    Oh, and you'll never be as thin as you were when you were 17. Trust an old bird.

    (Glad you like the new link BTW).

  • At 12:29 pm, Anonymous Ys said…

    Scott and Hayley?? Man, how is that going to work? Wouldn't Danni mind? All this boyfriend-swapping between friends is just a little bit too weird for me.

    Good luck with the job!

  • At 1:30 pm, Blogger emsy said…

    good luck with job honey :) im so bad at tennis its untrue lol! Im pretty good at badminton tho!x


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