Monday, August 08, 2005

I am breaking this extended period of bloglessness with an important message:

I really, really don't like Jessica Simpson's new song/video.

Not only has it completely destroyed what was an old classic song, in a way that only Jessica can do, but, as usual, the video, rather than being a vehicle for the song, is just a vehicle for Jessica and her ever-decreasing body. Which is possibly the main reason why I hate the video - she looks too damn skinny! Ill, even! Look at that ribcage! Eww!

I could now bore you with the details of how, well, boring things have been for the past 2 weeks - but don't worry. I won't. Just rest-assured that I have been working away solidly in both jobs and earning lots of pennies for my holiday! As yes, you did read right, I will have enough money to go away after all and have booked the tickets last week. 3 weeks round Italy and Croatia! Yay! A holiday funded entirely by me - 15-16 hour days, 5-6 days a week, the selling of lots of unused posessions on ebay and, lets not forget, helped in no way whatsoever by all of your kind Paypal donations - in that none were made. All I can surmise from that is that the begging wasn't blatant enough. Either that, or you all had enough faith in my ability to work hard and felt that to simply give me money would be to undermine that ability. I know, it was the second one, right? ;)


  • At 8:07 am, Blogger Jon said…

    Gah! I cannot bear that Jessica cow - she is nothing but a cheap floosey!

    And can someone explain to me what is so appealing about a skinny lady in a bikini washing a car? I have never understood why men enjoy that so much!

    I didn't even notice the PayPal thing - it needs to be more 'in your face', this is a shame as had I noticed - I would have certainly have given you a couple of quid...

    Oh well! I do hope you have a nice holiday! x

  • At 10:53 am, Blogger Curly said…

    Thanks for the messages of condolence!

    I'm sure my parents would have been very moved!

    I'm another one that can't stand that JS song - it's such a lame attempt at a great song. And you're right in saying that the vid is a vessel for her body rather than the 'song'.

    In short, Jessica Simpson is a dick.

    Well done on the choice of holiday too, sounds like it'll be a real blast!

  • At 11:28 am, Anonymous Ys said…

    My reason for not paypalling money over to you was the third option: I have no money, either ;)

    Hmm yeah, the Jessica Simpson video is a little random. I don't mind it up until that strange bit at the end where she starts washing the car in her bikini.


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