Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Happy new year!

I spent New Year's Eve in the pub, working. From 4pm until 3am . Dressed as a cowgirl. I lost count of the amount of times I heard 'Are those guns loaded, love?' 'I want to shoot off your guns!' Or 'Howdy cowgirl!' But dressed in a checked shirt, denim skirt, cowboy boots, two plastic guns and a huge hat, it was only to be expected. I finished the night not only shattered, but crippled. My boots were making my feet hurt by 6pm. By 9pm it hurt to step so I had to shuffle everywhere. I had taken trainers along, in preparation for just such pain, but having come so far, I refused to change shoes and was determined to make it to the end. 2am and last orders came, and I triumphantly kicked off the boots and padded around for the next hour clearing up in my socks. By that point I couldn't even take trainers on my feet. They still haven't recovered.

Pain aside, it was a really good night. Other costumed staff included an angel, a saloon showgirl, Avid Merrion (I think) and a naughty vicar - prim and proper from the front, silky knickers, suspenders and fishnets from behind. Yes, that 6 foot 4 barman did look very fetching in his fishnets.

New Year's over now. So, it would appear, is Christmas. Little sis went back to school yesterday, and the decorations in our house came down. And I am left with less than a week at home, and exam revision. Thank god there's still plenty of chocolate left in the house to eat.


  • At 8:08 pm, Blogger Ms Mac said…

    Happy New Year to you too Laura!

  • At 9:00 pm, Anonymous ollie said…

    oh the joys of new year's dress-ups. even better are the joys of oh-so-funny lines from oh-so-funny sleazy guys.

    i had my fair share of new year laughs too.

    lovin the site. came across it by pure luck. plus, i'm from leeds! rock on!

  • At 7:46 am, Blogger Jon said…

    Yes, Happy New Year to you!

    What did the Avid Merrion costume look like?! Was it just some bloke in his pants with a neck-collar on!?

  • At 1:59 pm, Anonymous Paul said…

    Bore da ! Hang in there !

  • At 3:03 pm, Blogger Curly said…

    PLASTIC guns? You mean you can't get real ones up in the Gogledd? I'll ship up a couple from Swansea.

  • At 10:51 am, Anonymous Ys said…

    Happy New Year! Glad you had fun. Hope your feet are better now.


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