Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Richard Hammond, please be my boyfriend.

He is funny, oh so clever, and oh so beautiful. If not a bit on the short side. Just look at that smile. What a man.

Aside from admiring Mr Hammond on The 5 o'Clock Show, unfortunately accompanied by the nowhere near as funny Mel Giedroyc, I have been sitting my exam. It went quite well, I hope, and was my only exam, which means no more revision until May! I still have loads of dissertation work to do though, starting tommorrow. Today, though, is a rest-day. I am cooking a my-exam-and-therefore-my-revision-is-over dinner, from my new Jamie Oliver cookbook I got for Christmas, and then watching my new Fleetwood Mac DVD that I got for Christmas and have been saving for after my exam. While everyone else in my house is still revising! Ha!

Revision and dissertation and essay writing and reading, and so on, is all starting to get me a bit down now. I've been doing the same thing for three years now, and while I still enjoy the element of my degree that is being a historian, finding out new things and research and stuff, the actual work bit is getting boring. And I am really fed up of always having deadlines at the back of my mind. I can never completely relax. And what was making it so much worse was that I didn't know what I was going to do with the fruits of all this labour when its all done and dusted.

But over Christmas I've had a sort of revelation. The actual process that led to my realisation is a bit long and complicated, but basically I got talking to my friend from home who works for the council and we got talking about 'proper' jobs, which led me to think about what I really wanted to do. I realised, especially after thinking about how much I enjoyed working in Bodelwyddan Castle and how the management side of how things ran there really appealed to me, that heritage was the way to go for me! And now I've found an MA course in Bangor university in Heritage Management, which is really quite perfect for me, because I can live at home, as Bangor's only half an hour away, so I won't have to pay for rent living away from home, which is always good, and while it'll still be something I really enjoy, it will be a completely different style of degree and of learning, the freshness of which really appeals to me. And, hopefully, I will be able to get a good job that I enjoy at the end of it!

Ta dah! Now I just need to keep slogging away for the rest of this year so I get a 2:1 and can do it all.


  • At 10:03 am, Blogger Marie said…

    Yay! That sounds like an excellent decision and a very intersting career path, and also contains the word Bangor, which always makes me laugh a bit, don't know why, I've never been to Bangor, may in fact be a desperately unfunny place.

    As for Richard Hammond, you know he's the poor woman's David Tennant don't you?

  • At 11:23 am, Anonymous Ys said…

    Phew, another course? You're so brave. I pretty much suck at that kind of teacher/pupil control thing. At least you'll be back in Wales then, though :)

  • At 12:27 pm, Blogger Rhys said…

    Ah Richard Hammond, he is a legend of biblical proportions :)

  • At 2:13 pm, Blogger Huw said…

    I always found the post-exam feeling to be very anti-climatic... now where near as uplifting as you'd expect. And my stressful dreams - usually consisting of me discovering I had an exam I'd forgotten about that day and thus spending the remainder of my dream attempting to hide in toilet cubicles from fiendishly angry exam invigilators - continued for a good week afterwards.

  • At 12:49 am, Blogger Laura said…

    Marie - Richard Hammond - dare I say it, but the thinking woman's David Tennant? *ducks and hides from thrown heavy objects*

    Ys - not so much brave as perhaps a glutton for punishment.

    Rhys - yes. Yes he is.

    Huw - no, I can honestly say that my post-exam feeling was uplifting enough for me. Although I can relate to the stressful dreams bit. The night before my exam I was so scared of oversleeping, which I kept dreaming that I did, that I must have woken up every hour, on the hour, for most of the night. Its a miracle I stayed awake throughout the exam. But it doesn't matter. It's all over now.


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