Tuesday, February 28, 2006

ER last night - oh my God. Tim called me half way through it and I snapped at him to go away and I'd call him back at 11. What was he thinking? His stupidity was on a par with when he calls me when Eastenders is on. And then expects me to answer the phone.

Anyway. ER. Kovac and Abby finally got it together. Kovac throwing Abby's underwear (back) at her with that dirty look on his face. Grrrr! But then, at the end, when they were both stupid and decided to just 'be friends'?! I was literally sat on my chair, head in my hands, shouting 'NOOOOO!!!' at the telly. But it didn't work. They didn't hear me. I really hope this is just a minor blip and they get together properly soon. I'm really not happy when my favourite telly couples aren't together. Its just all wrong.

In other telly news, I think I have a new, fully-fledged TV crush. Behold Jack Holden -

He is otherwise known as Paul O'Brien, but seeing as how I don't like the name Paul (apologies to all the Pauls out there - nothing personal), we shall just call him Jack. He really is very, very nice to look at, but in this photo he reminds me a smidgen of someone else I have been know to obsess over from, uh, time to time.

In other (real life) news, I didn't go to Cockpit on Friday. Instead I went to Flares. Now please don't laugh. I have never been before and decided that 3 years in Leeds without one visit to Flares was just silly, so I took the plunge, as it were. It was hilarious - we were the youngest people in there by about 15 years. It was a very, very funny night.


  • At 11:00 am, Blogger Ms Mac said…

    I heart ER so much! I just wish Abby and Luka could live happily evere after. He's so handsome and lovely and sexy.....

    I have to go and lie down now!

    Before I go, who is jack Holden?

  • At 12:13 pm, Blogger Laura said…

    I heart ER too! Mondays jus aren't coming around fast enough so I'm having to satisfy myself with the repeats at lunchtime but its not enough!!

    He's in Home and Away and he's lovely! I know you don't like H&A (why? why?) but watch it just once just to see his loveliness.

  • At 2:30 pm, Anonymous Tilesey said…

    I almost cried when the baby chimp died...

  • At 9:23 pm, Blogger Pomgirl said…

    The new series has just started over here and I was sort of hoping that Abby would get together with the weird doctor who keeps flicking his curly hair. We just had the episode where he mentions the surgery he has to have and the possible loss of 'erectile function' and the chances of needing an 'artificial sphincter'. Then asks if she will sleep with him, the look on her face was a classic!


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