Monday, February 06, 2006

Tim came to stay with me this weekend. He hasn't been to stay with me for ages so we packed a lot in. He left this afternoon and I'm a bit sad, so I'm going cheer myself up by recounting a few of the highlights.

Saturday night, I made Tim a deal. I'd watch football with him in the pub on Sunday, if he went with me to Rock of Ages. You don't really need to use too much imagination to figure out the type of night it was. And I loved it! Really, its like someone had taken my Media Player library, and turned it into a night. Fantastic! It was a bit of a last minute thing, as it took hours to pursuade Tim, so we were actually a tad overdressed, as up until the last second we were just heading into the city. What I mean by overdressed is that we were the only ones in there not wearing black. Or leather. Or ripped denim. Or an Axl Rose-esque bandana. Or tattoos. Or piercings. Or lashings of black eye make up. You get the picture, right? Oh yes, and while my hair was suitably long and curly, although admittedly not quite poodle-perm, Tim was also the only man in there whose hair wasn't longer than mine. So, after the initial half an hour it took for Tim to acclimatize to it all, whereas I got stuck right in there straight away, we were both having a great time. I think, apart from the amazing music (Zeppelin!!), the best bit for me was the fact that everyone was doing air guitar in all the guitar solos, AND IT WAS COOL. Loved it, loved it, loved it. Of course, we were both also wasted, and by the end of the night were both sick as dogs. But surely thats just obligatory for a rock night?

Sunday night I cooked Tim a huge proper roast chicken dinner. With stuffing, and parsnips and everything. I was very proud of myself. And then after dinner we went to the cinema, and I can now tick off one film on my 'I can't wait to see ...' list (see last post). Derailed was even Tim's choice. I didn't have to talk him into it or anything, although I would have done if needed as I really wanted to see it and Lanette had said it was worth a watch. I can confirm that she was right! Its a very good thriller, with a few twists and turns that I did not see coming. Jennifer Aniston was also very good. I really did not think of her as Rachel at all, which I sometimes do in those rubbishy rom-coms that she does (Picture Perfect, anyone?). There is a rape scene that is particularly harrowing. I couldn't tear my eyes away from the screen but I was willing myself not to cry as it was so realistic (I assume), although well-handled. All in all, a good start to my (now officially known as) 'I can't wait to see ...' list!

And finally, I've got a new phone. I did NOT pay that much for it. In fact, it was free! Students - check out Dot Mobile. Its beautiful and shiny and slidy and I love it. It also has a very good camera which will be good for phone-blogging. Once I figure out how to do it. Although to be honest, this may never actually happen.


  • At 11:48 pm, Anonymous Ys said…

    Aww, I need a new phone. Alas I'm not a student and can't get freebies - grr.

    Hee, hee: I only complain cos I'm totally jealous and really want a new phone.

  • At 9:00 pm, Blogger Me Over Here said…

    Yay, I'm so glad you saw it! I thought it was good, although my friend that I was with hypothesized the end BEFORE it happened, so I kinda saw what was coming (DAH!). You're right, I didn't see Jennifer Aniston as "Rachel" though, which (to me) is a sign of progressive acting.

    The rape scene really got to me, hard to watch but very well depicted (again, so I would assume).


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