Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Well, after my last post and related comments, I think the only conclusion that can be drawn is that I am just a big, fat, scaredy-cat girl. But, I think we already knew that.

Dissertation is going well, I think. I finished my first chapter last night, so from now on it gets serious. The thing is, my first chapter, which was always intended to be just an introductory chapter and therefore the shortest, has somehow ended up being nearly 3000 words, and thats after some serious editing has already taken place. How did that happen? So I'm afraid Amy I'm going to have to disagree with you - I have an awful feeling that I am going to write way more than 12,000 words.

And as for being stuck indoors - a funny thing, that one. No matter how prepared I am to do some serious work, or how much I stare at my computer, or how tired I am at the end of the day, I just can't write anything. Whereas in the evening, usually right about 10.30, its like a switch gets flicked and it just flows. I'm writing about a thousand words a night. Unfortunately, I have to keep editing some of it out because I really am writing too much, but at least it shows I can do it. Its bizarre. I've never really worked like this before. Usually I spend all the daylight hours hidden away in the library, getting loads and loads of work done, and then I get home in the evening and just sit and stare at the telly. No matter how much work I have to do or even how much I (sometimes)want to do something, I just can't get it done. Now its the other way round. Strange.

I am aware that for some, if not all of you, all this dissertation talk is about as exciting as watching Home and Away (Marie and Ys excepted, obviously - you two think of another TV programme you think is stupid), but really, at the moment, its either this or Home and Away. Or maybe I could take some photos to post when I go on some exciting dog walks! In the woods behind my house. In the same type of trees I'm sure you already have where you live. No? OK then. Dissertation it is.


  • At 5:27 pm, Anonymous Amy at uni said…

    Woo! Clearly I only said that to inspire you... ahem. well done hon, keep on going!

  • At 12:04 am, Blogger Huw said…

    I heard today that Hayley is going to have a head transplant later this year.

    (you don't get away with neglecting your H&A blogging duties that easily, missy!)

  • At 12:11 am, Blogger Laura said…

    Huw, Huw, you're so far behind. That happened months ago. I even 'documented' it. Is it even worth me providing this service if you're not even going to pay attention?

  • At 12:14 am, Blogger Laura said…

    And yes I am up, at 12.12am, 600 words into my second chapter. Don't know what I'm doing on the blog though. It just came up on the screen. Nothing to do with me. I'm doing my work.

  • At 1:13 pm, Anonymous Ys said…

    I find the best inspiration comes after dark so you get writing!!

    Stupid TV programme? Hmm... Eastenders is quite ridiculous to me.

  • At 5:29 pm, Blogger Welsherella said…

    Hey hon;
    please can you send me an email to explain how you did the whole paypal donation thing - I'm planning on doing something for charity and figured it might come in handy.
    hope the diss is going ok

  • At 4:21 pm, Blogger Curly said…

    I wish that I had a switch that made me work. Mine is a fader-switch that varies between 'enjoy yourself' and 'enjoy yourself far too much.

    And my vote is for photos of dog walks, if there's a poll?

  • At 10:32 am, Blogger Clare said…

    Hello! I'm new here. I arrived via Marie and my book title meme. Nice to find another writerly blog.

    I know exactly what you mean about the writing. I'm now officially a full time writer, or for the next five months at least (and still going "Blimey! Am I Really? How did that happen?"), and I can't seem to predict when the muse will take me.

    And as for the indoors thing, I've now been living in this house for seventeen years and I was just wondering yesterday what would be the longest period I've spent indoors without leaving. I suspect it'd be either during vacations as a depressed student, or when I was terribly ill during my pregnancy.


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