Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Ah yes, that update. A bit late, but here it is ...

Since we spoke (the time before) last, April 28th I believe, I have done lots and lots of revision, and sat 3 very stressful exams, but I have also managed to fit in a few other things as well. In bullet point form:
  • I have won an award from the university volunteering awards, as presented by the vice-chancellor (brag, boast, brag), for my project that I set up and ran as part of STAR - a Saturday morning fun and conversation group for young asylum seekers in Leeds, as the best project for a hard-to-reach area of the community. They were very hard to reach. I may have had a little bit of help from Simon, my co-coordinator.

  • I went home the weekend after my dissertation was handed in and stayed at Ruthin Castle for the weekend, where I visited a medieval fair and then a medieval banquet. It was brilliant!

  • But mostly I was revising, and then sitting exams. Before the exams I was convinced I was going to get a 2:2. Now that they're over, I'm slightly more confident, but we shall see.
  • On Friday I went to see the Da Vinci Code. Not having read the book, I thought it was great, but apparently if you have read the book then you won't necessarily feel the same.
  • On Saturday I watched Eurovision. I was not impressed. I thought the presenters were even more rubbish than the tradition of rubbish Eurovision presenters called for, and the songs weren't very good. Not a particularly good Eurovision year.
  • I have been slightly bored by ER. Last week's double bill was fantastic, but I am getting bored of the Darfur episodes. Perhaps if Dr Kovac was in them it would be a different story.

So yes, I think that is me all updated. I apologise for the extended lack of bloggage, but I have been reading everyone's blogs everyday. It was my only form of escapism from all the pressure.


  • At 3:23 pm, Blogger Ms Mac said…

    Dr Kovac makes everything better.

  • At 4:23 pm, Blogger Curly said…

    WHAT? Not a good Eurovision year?!! I loved it, the worse the presenters the better it is! And the acts this year... so many of them went for the 'lets have a hot girl in there somewhere to try and win votes', how shallow can you get?! Brilliant!

  • At 9:45 pm, Blogger Laura said…

    But it should be all about the music!!! And the music was crap. although I did like Germany's country western entry. No, I was not impressed, nd I usually LOVE Eurovision.


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