Monday, May 29, 2006

A Welsh Girl In Leeds favourite, Mr Hugh Jackman to the left there(see here, and here), has been lighting up my life again in Xmen 3: The Last Stand. I staggered along to see it Saturday afternoon with a steaming hangover, hoping that the combination of popcorn and Wolverine's body hair and muscles would make it better.

And it did! Its a very good film, although I was a bit disappointed that more X-Men weren't included. The focus was very much on Wolverine which, lets face it, isn't a bad thing, but being an X-Men fan, I wish more of the blue-suited ones had been included. I have a few suggestions for improvements-
  • Wolverine should have forgotten all about that simpering Jean Grey and got it together with Rogue, as we all know should have happened.
  • Wolverine should have been shirtless more often.
  • When Jean Grey made his belt fall apart with the power of her mind, she shouldn't have stopped at the belt.

But yes, a good film - go and see it. Apparently a few other people agree with me as well. It had the fourth highest American opening weekend ever.

See - never underestimate the power of good body hair.


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