Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Ok, so another momentous occasion has taken place. Sort of.

You may remember that I used to be blonde-

Image hosted by

Then I went dark-

Image hosted by

However, it soon faded back to a non-descript not-quite-blonde-but-not-quite-brown colour-

Image hosted by

I do like that picture of me!

So, last week, I went dark again.

Image hosted by

Hopefully, this time it will last!


  • At 4:14 pm, Blogger emsy said…

    ooh its lovely! For some reason my colour never seems to last either! evem when the box says permanent lol! x

  • At 5:44 pm, Anonymous possibly ceri said…

    laura you went ginger not 'non-descript not-quite-blonde-but-not-quite-brown colour-'

  • At 6:18 pm, Blogger Laura said…

    Ceri! it was not ginger!!!!


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