Thursday, October 13, 2005

Guess what?! Saturday was my 21st birthday! This little detail may go some way as to explaining why I haven't blogged for a while, what with all the excitement and build-up and then the obligatory hangover afterwards. That, and I am very lazy.

I shall fill you in with the details.

My birthday, as I have said, was on Saturday. I went home on the Thursday, just because I am a history student and have next to no teaching hours so I can do that sort of thing. On Friday night I went out for a lovely Birthday Meal with my family and Tim and our waiter put a sparkler in my creme caramel dessert and Happy Birthday was played over the stereo system. On Saturday morning (the actual Birth-Day!) I awoke to lots of lovely presents, as listed below (abridged version so as not to appear spoiled [even though I so am]) -

  • diamond encrusted heart necklace
  • new boots
  • new coat
  • new jacket
  • perfume
  • new book
  • Fleetwood Mac DVD
  • various other fabulous things ...

And then, at midday, Tim arrived with my suprise. Now, since Friday morning I had been under the allusion that my car was in the garage under going repairs to its suspension. One week after its MOT. Yes, I am that dim. On Saturday morning, not only was I expecting Tim to arrive and give me my present, but also the 'mechanic' to 'drop-off' my car. You know, as mechanics generally do. But as I was stood there, outside my house, who drove up in my car, but Tim. At this point, I thought, 'Hmm, that's a bit strange. Maybe he met the mechanic at the bottom of my road and offered to take it the rest of the way himself.' As he got closer I noticed that the steering wheel was a sort of pink colour. I then thought, 'Hmm, thats a bit strange. The mechanics usually put protective coverings on the seats, but not on the steering wheel.' Yet I still suspected nothing. It was only when the car pulled up at my feet that I noticed. Yes! Tim had indeed 'pimped my ride!' A new state-of-the-art stereo system had been installed, with a 12-CD CD-changer thingy in the boot and everything. There was also leather seat covers, purple fluffy cushions on the back seat, pink air-fresheners and yes, a pink fluffy steering wheel cover! The brave boy had driven it all the way through town to my house behind that steering wheel cover!

Unfortunately, at the time, I did not have my new bought-on-insurance-replacement-digital camera, but I should hopefully have it on the weekend so you will all soon be dazzled by the beauty that is now my car!

But wait! Thats not the end of it!

In the afternoon I drove back up to Leeds, where my wonderful flatmates had decorated the house with pictures of my face photo-shopped onto posters of my favourite TV programmes! I am now officially a member of the casts of North and South ( I look so good on the arm of Richard Armitage), Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman (I am Dr. Quinn!), Lord of the Rings and, perhaps best of all, Charmed! Really, its like I was meant to be in Charmed! They had also got me lots of lovely presents, and banished me to my room while they prepared my party tea - a fabulous, full-on party buffet of all my favourites, like Jaffa Cakes and Wotsits. Lots of of our friends came round and we all got very drunk, decorated the ceiling with champagne and I ate a pint of jelly out of a casserole dish. It sounded like a good idea at the time ...

Apart from feeling very loved by all my favourite people and having the best birthday ever, both at home and in Leeds, I have mostly been in the library, back to the bloody books.

I shall really try very hard to update more regularly from now on.

My thoughts as I end this post are ... perhaps Zoe isn't the Summer Bay stalker after all. And if she isn't, then, really, who the bloody hell is?!?