Saturday, September 25, 2004

(Haven't quite figured out how to put pictures actually IN my posts yet, so just fiddled around with posting times so that the pictures would come after the text then, so don't be confused by the backward posting times.)
I'm back home. But don't worry! I haven't left uni. Just come home for my sister's birthday. Back off to Leeds tomorrow night.

The fresher's flu's getting better. I was really sad and boring and stayed in last night while everyone else went out. I put my washing on, tidied the lounge (quite a task) and settled down in my pjs with Russel and Joaquin for the night (i.e. put Gladiator on). I know what you're thinking - on a Friday night? But seeing as how I've always had an abnormally low immune sytem, I really didn't want to risk being ill for my sister's birthday. Again. Seeing as how I missed it last year on account of fresher's flu and was too ill to drive home. And managing to go out two nights in a row with a temperature and tonsils the size of golf balls and STILL have a good time is no mean feat, I'm telling you now.

I'm still keeping up with all my soaps, despite the life relocation. I mean, as if I wouldnt anyway. A hurricane would hit and I'd still find my way in front of a tv. Can't even begin to describe the panic when my telly just wouldn't tune in to Channel 5. Don't worry though - it was only a blip. Telly's now nicely securely tuned in to all the essential channels, so I'm up to date on Home and Away, Neighbours and Sunset Beach. Thank bloody God, hey?

There have been a few changes in Leeds since I was last in the fair city in June. The main one (for us students, anyway) is the conversion of the big church right next to the university into a nightclub. And its dubiously been 'christened' "Halo." Not being religious myself, I'm not exactly overly bothered by it, but for even me to observe it as I drove past on tmy way to the new house, and for thoughts of 'blasphemy' to go through even MY head, I can only imagine what actually religious people are thinking. I wasn't too suprised, then, to read in the Student newspaper a huge editorial on the sacrelige (spelling?) of it. Anyway, just thought I'd comment.

Went to the society's fair yesterday and joined STAR - Student Action for Refugees. The title is pretty self explanatory. Hope to be doing lots of good stuff in my local multi-racial community this year then. At the very least it'll be something new to talk about in the blog! No, only joking. The rights of refugees and asylum seekers is something I feel very strongly about, so I am really looking forward to getting involved.

Off to get some pizza with mummy and daddy now. My brother left for uni in Aberystwyth today (studying international politics and intelligence - mad), so mum's suffering from 'empty nest syndrome' a bit.

On that note! Something yummy and male to leave you with! (sorry if you ARE male and not as appreciative of my chosen images as girls and/or gay boys)

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Thursday, September 23, 2004

So here I am, back in Leeds. Sitting in a computer lab in the boyf's department building, having just stood in a queue for an hour and a half to register, purely to get a form stamped and ... thats it.

What I went through trying to get in to my house on Sunday night. the front door has two locks, a top and a bottom one, and until yesterday I only had a key for the top one as did the boyf. My other two flatmates, who were in Thailand until late Sunday night, kew this, yetstill locked both locks on before they left for the Far East. So I drove up to my house on Sunday night, starting toget dark, slightly dodgy road, car full of crap... and no way to get in. Housemates wouldn;t be back until 5.30 am. So that was great! As it was, dad paid for a B and B, which was like a little (free) holiday, so it wasn't too bad. Still not the best start to my time here though!

The house is looking great now though. I've done my room up. Its all pink and purple - so girly! I love it!

Sickly child that I am, I have fresher's flu. Basically, its the flu, but as a result of too much partying/fast food and not enough sleep/decent food, in the first week of term. I had it last year too. At least I'm consistent! Thin is, it was earned last year. I barely saw my bed and didn't eat anything that didn't come out of a cardboard box. This year, I've only been out once, and that was jsut last night, whch I had to cut short at 1.30 because I felt so dodgy. Better today though. God hope my mum doesn't read this. She worries unnecassarily enough as it is. Off out to a reunion for my halls from last year, despite the slashed-feeling throat and killer headache. But its Fresher's Week! Has to be done!

Thats it for now. I really am working on the whole Internet access thing. I'll post again when I can.

Oh, and my WWE tickets were sold on eBay - £114. Made a profit of £14. Woohoo!

Sunday, September 19, 2004

Well, this is it. I'm back off to Leeds this afternoon and will actually be a Welsh Girl In Leeds again! Have to pack now, so just a quick post to explain why I probably won't be as regular a poster as usual for a bit. No Internet access in the new house! How am I going to cope?! Only live 5 minutes from the uni and all its many computers though, so hopefully shouldn't be too bad. Need to get online as soon as poss though, because when I came in drunk on Friday night I , for some reason, bid on eBay for an original poster and LP of The Eagles' 1970s album, Hotel California. So need to keep an eye on it, as I am the one and only bidder, (can't think why) and need to know if I'm going to have to pay for airmail frm America for it. Oh, and so far the hgihest bid for my WWE tickets is 99p. REALLY hope that one goes up just a bit. So anyways, till Leeds.....!

Saturday, September 18, 2004

As a historian and a woman this is the sort of thing I can only dream about... Posted by Hello

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Friday, September 17, 2004

What a busy day I've had. Finally got over my hangover, by the way. Got my hair done this afternoon. Decided to go a bit darker than usual, as I'm back off to Leeds on Sunday. I normally come home to get my hair done by my normal hairdresser (don't quite trust those "trendy" city stylists) but I can't be coming home every four weeks just to get my roots done. So I figured, if I got it done a bit darker then my root regrowth wouldn't be as noticeable. In case you hadn't figured it out, I'm not a natural blond.

Also, got my new phone today!! YAY! Daddy Dearest owns his own mobile phone shop in fair Bangor, so I get pretty decent phones for free or an amzing discount. So when my old phone died on me, I put a request in for a Samsung E600. I know, I know, SPOILT BITCH alert. Don't care though! I was a bit gutted about my old phone though. I had Scar Tissue, Under the Bridge and Californication recorded LIVE on the voice recorder from when I went to see the Chilis in Cardiff. But sshh! Don't tell anyone. I'm sure its illegal somehow.

Thursday, September 16, 2004

You may remember that I had bought tickets to go see WWE Raw in Manchester with the boyf. They were lower tier, which is considerably better than when I went to see it last time and almost needed binoculars to see. However, last night I got us 2 more tickets on e-bay - ringside, 3rd row! Amazing! Cost us 200 quid though. Hmm. Not helping the overdraft much. But I just put our original ones up for sale and hopefully we'll get some money back.. So if you're interested, follow this link and gimme some money!

Other news, went out to Broadway last night and am still nursing the mother of all hangovers. Went out with a friend I haven't seen in ages. Whenever I used to go out with her the pair of us always got absolutely wrecked. And I went out with the intention of not spending a lot. Should have remembered really. Also met up with a friend of mine I really haven't seen in ages. Spent half of the night drunkenly declaring "I love you you know. You were my best boy-friend until I actually got a boyfriend." Bless him. He handled it all really well, considering the state I was in and all. Good night had by all, in general.

Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Oh My God its a monsoon crossed with a hurricane outside with the occasional rumble of thunder, and my car's in the garage. Great.

Monday, September 13, 2004

Just a quick appeal to a kind-hearted reader out there who has the time to leave me a comment. I have added a guestbook to my blog, which I can see when I visit here on my computer, but I am currently on the boyf's computer and its nowhere to be seen. Would someone please let me know if my guestbook is actually visible to visitors. Its on the right undderneath the hit counter. Should be, anyway.
I just have to salute Sunset Beach for the high level of acting on display. I mean, it blows me away. (Cough, cough.)

Did a Google search for "Sunset Beach is back" and there were quite a few results with that exact term. It seems that there is almost universal (well UK-wise, anyway) joy at its return (Channel 5, everyday, 10.30am in case you weren't sure). Through this search I came across Normal Again (see link list to the right), written by a fellow appreciator of the Beachy ones and his holiness Father Antonio Torres himself. See? I'm not alone in my appreciation of pretendy Catholic priests. Really can't wait for him to turn up, but as I didn't watch the first six months of SB the first time round, I don't know when that will be. Oh well, I'll just have to keep watching every day just in case. That's my excuse, anyway.

Sunday, September 12, 2004

And its raining. A lot. Went out to Broadway last night (the club, not the place where Donny Osmond is still making a living) and got suitably drunk. Spent a bloody fortune as well. So I'm not going to be spending any more money for ever. At least until my student loan comes through on the 22nd, anyway. However, despite last night's drunken state, I woke up this morning suprisingly hangover free. Not one to look a gift horse in the mouth, as it were, and being how the sun was actually shining when I got up, although that one quickly changed, I decided to take my lovely dog Bryn (said Brin, means 'hill' in Welsh, not entirely sure the relevance of that to the dog though) to the beach, the same one me and the boyf went to the other day. There was a bit of a difference in it today compared to last Tuesday, though. The weather, mostly. When we went last week there was a slight breeze and blazing sun. Today, however, the sun was nowhere in sight, there was a distinct haze (oxymoron?) of drizzle in the air, and a bloody gale blowing. Where the sand was dry and loose it was like a sandstorm, when I tried to shout back my dog, who was at several points about a mile ahead of me, my voice, and breath, were taken away and I occasionally had to seriously struggle to stay upright. It was bloody fantastic. And I really don't mean that sarcastically. It was really nice lying there the other day basking in the sun and being able to make out Anglesey, Puffin Island and the Great Orme clearly in the distance, but somehow it was even nicer only being able to see them through a mist. It gave it atmosphere, especially with the huge Conwy mountains looming behind me. Walked all the way along the beach from Conwy marina to round Penmaenbach head. Quite an accomplishment for me, I'll tell you now. I know how lucky I am to live where I do, as the area itself is so lovely and Snowdonia and all that are only a short drive away. Its brought home to me even more when I'm in Leeds. There's no sea around for miles for one thing, and because I obviously don't know the area as well as I do here yet, I don't know of any good places for a good walk just yet. When I decided to go to Leeds Uni, I said to my mum that I had the city for shopping and the moors and dales for my soul. I've definitely made the most of the shopping, just need to explore Yorkshire a bit more. All in all, I really enjoyed the beach today. The only thing was, my wet feet. I shall explain. I let Bryn run free on the beach off the lead cos I'd feel mean not letting him explore, but he has a habit off running straight for the nearest dog to play, as he thinks every dog is his friends, be they terrier or rottweiler. But because it was so windy he couldn't hear me calling him back. When I finally got hold of him again I discovered that he'd only gone and bloody lost his collar. I made him walk to heel then but felt really mean, so we went to the only place where there were no other dogs for him to run after - right out to where the sea actually was, as it was really far out today. We were running along the length of sea for ages. I'm telling you, it did actually look like something from a Disney movie or something, me and my dog running together along the beach and amongst the waves. Just needed an instrumental in the background to complete the scene. But after 20 minutes or so, I turned around - and the sea had started to come in around us. The only was to get back to other side of the beach was to wade across about half a mile of ankle deep sea. Doesn't sound a lot when you're reading it. When you're actually doing it, its a different matter. The dog had a brilliant time though. And so did I, apart from the squelchy feet I came home with.

Saturday, September 11, 2004

Just realised what the date is today. Moment and blog posting of reflection and rememberance of 9/11.
So I've actually had my last day at work. Finished yesterday, thank bloody God. The bitchiness, backstabbing and lying was getting more than I can take. I mean, I'm always up for a bit of gossiping and drama, but please. It got so bad that one of the co-supervisors (remember I explained that one? One supervisor for years then the owner decided to 'create' a new supervising position for her sister and chaos inevitably ensued) has been formally disciplined for something that the manager adn other supervisor do on a daily basis. Mad. Just mad. Seriously reconsidering coming back when I'm on my Christmas vacation. Thing is, the staff may be a nightmare, but I absolutely love the kids to pieces. We'll see any way. Cross that bridge when I come to it.

I went out on Wednesday night, to the Broadway Boulevard, the one and only nightclub in my immediate area. Sounds classy, really isn't. Check out the website and see how us classy North Walians party. Try not to laugh. Saw loads of people that I haven't seen for a while, including a lad formt eh year above me in school who was friends with the boyf in school. He's in uni in Cambridge and loads of his psh Cambridge firends had come down for his 21st birthday. One of whom, was the son of the British Ambassador to Sweden. Very posh. He was all designer indigo jeans, white linen shirt and crucifixes round his neck. Also saw Rhys Wynne, a commentor on my own dear blog and an award winning blogger himself. We exchanged a nod of amused recognition of our exclusive blogger club over the posh mingling Cambridge crowd (he was also celebrating the 21st).

Final thought - I think I may have whiplash. From a sneeze. I kid you not. I got out of bed, sneezed and something went snap in my neck. The boyf reckons i trapped a nerve but it bloody killed. Had to go to work and work with babies and toddlers, barely able to move my head. It hurts less today but is really stiff. So thats good then.

Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Oh the joy! Sunset Beach is back!! I completeley forgot it started again yesterday until about 9.30pm last night when I was just louging watching MTV and it hit me like a thunderbolt - SB started again today! Thank bloody God I remembered to set my alarm to get up in time to watch it this morning. Yes I am that lazy - it starts at 10.30am. It all came flooding back, not only the over-sized acting, but the over-sized everything else: Annie's lips; the pecs of every male character; Ben's quiff; the hair of about 80% of woman-kind before hair straighteners. How is it possible to enjoy something that is on many occasions so very bad? Who knows. Who cares! So far though, some of my favourite characters have yet to make an appearance - Olivia Richards (played by the ever awful Lesley Ann Downe), Aunt Bet, Cole and Caitlin, and my personal favourite, Father Antonio Torres. Can;t wait for him to turn up.

Back to the real world, I make my return to Leeds next weekend, so the countdown begins to when I am once again actually a Welsh Girl In Leeds. Only working half days this week, and not at all next week so I have time to prepare adn pack up my life once again into the boot of my car and ship it all over the border to that England place. So of course I'mmaking the most of this precious preperation time and today I, um, went to the beach. Had a barbecue in the sand dunes, played on the sand, in the sea and on the clay (i know, I'm a bit puzzled by that one too) and fell asleep, only to be woken up by the largest retriever I have ever seen nuzzling my ear and woofing at me for the half of burger that me and the boyf were both too full to finish. Blesss my boyfriend. For once he indulged rather than ridiculed my soap addiction and indulgently said, "its just like Home and Away isn't it?" Not the nuzzling dog bit, but the sand dunes, grasses and beach bit. Bless. He's even going to let me watch SB tomorrow as I'll be at his house when its on. Don't understand this sudden change of attitude towards all things soapy, but I'm not going to question it.