Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Federer won. In case anyone was wondering.

The Dream is Over...Again

So two noteable things to have come out of today's play at Wimbledon (at time of posting Federer and Hewitt still playing). Henman out of the tournament and all Great Britain's sporting hopes are lost once again. I say Great Britain rather than England as I am actually not English myself, but am in fact Welsh (duh), yet consider myself as part of the collective nation gunning behind our fair isle's sporting greats. Ahem. Have to say I am a bit sad, although not overly suprised. Oh well. Maybe next year. Second thing, Andy Roddick's still in. Yay! Although judging by Federer's play at the moment, I'd place him as the favourite to win again. Camera keeps switching to Hewitt's fiance Kym Kleisters. Good God. What the hell's happened there? Not entirely sure, but didn't she used to be pretty? Well she's a bit of a minger now. Not that Hewitt's exactly an oil painting either. Ooh. Just checked the telly and Hewitt's catching up with Federer in the 4th set. But I'll shut up now as this is not a sporting blog, merely a reflection-of-my-thoughts-blog. Ooh, Big Brother last night. Actually lived up to its evil reputation. Bit mean what they did to that Becky, never mind poor Michelle. I really like her as well. Hope she doesn't go. I like Nadia and Marco too though. If I had to choose who was to go I'd go for Marco, though, cos I really like Nadia. Don't think I'll vote though cos I like them all too much. Becky should have given Jason the kiss of death. He really gets on my tits. Ooh, Hewitt's just taken over Federer in the 4th set. Its all getting exciting!

Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Well hello there

Hello my name's Laura and this is me. Stumbled across blogspot a month or so ago when I found while searching the net for kip gamblin (author of said blog (marie) appears to share my taste in soaps and their totty). Have been an avid reader of marie's every day since, appreciating her own unique sense of humour, and felt inspired to domy own blog. so here goes! must apologise for my appalling grammar now, from the start. afraid i've been far too influenced by text-messaging culture (had to fight the urge to spell 'messaging' as 'msging' there). anyways, i am 19 years old, hail from sunny (ahem) colwyn bay on the north wales coast, am at home at the mo but will be off to leeds uni for my second year in september. quick catch up on recent events in the world of me: very much enjoying wimbledon, although am torn between patriotic duty of supporting tim henman and the overwhelming desire for andy roddick to win just so i can watch his sexy self play for as long as possible; not really that bothered by euro 2004, although did watch the penalty shoot out with my eyes closed (is that physically possible?) in the pub with my boyfriend, the lovely tim; went to see red hot chili peppers in cardiff last wednesday, 23rd of June, a date that will be remembered for the rest of my days as the best of my life, excepting any marriages/births of children that are to occurr, obviously. took me seven bleeding hours to drive down to cardiff with 3 uni friends moaning in the car, but bloody well worth it. actually cried when anthony kiedis came on stage, so overwhelmed with emotion at the sight of his lovely long hair. had standing tickets so was only 30 metres or so from the front. amazing. just amazing. but enough of that. thats about it really. currently taking a short break from any responsibilities/paid work after 4 weeks of 'gruelling' end of year exams and am waiting for my boss in the children's nursery where i work when home on vacation to call me in for work. so basically living up to that student stereotype and sleeping until 2pm at the mo. ok, all caught up then.nuthing more to report as of now. off to walk my dog up one of those rolling welsh hills we've got here in, well, wales (oh, such a strenuous life i lead).