Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Saturday night was a rip-roaring success. For once, considering I was out with a certain person who usually proves unfailingly to be a 'bad influence', I did not end the night with my head down a toilet, talking to God on the big white telephone, which is always good. Yes, it was very, very good to catch up with my bestest and oldest friends.

Sunday, however, was spent recovering from the inevitable hangover, unable to face all that lovely chocolate staring me in the face. But I am making up for it no, so its all ok.

Monday we all went to Knowsley Safari Park. 'We' being my family and the boyf. It was a most enjoyable day, what with baboons sitting on the car, and ostrichs trying to eat the wing-mirrors.

Yesterday was spent watching Most Haunted that I'd taped from Monday night. It was the one when they went to Bodelwyddan Castle, which is approximately 10 minutes drive away from me and a favourite visit of ours during school holidays and the like. It was strange seeing somewhere I go to frequently being on TV. That doesn't happen to me much, living as I do in the area that the outside world forgot (seems like, sometimes). I intend to go there before I go back to Uni to have a look around again and see if I 'sense' anything. You know, being the spiritualist psychic clairvoyant* that I am.

I am now doing a bit of blog-surfing, looking for my next Official Favourite Blog Of The Moment. I think that seeing as how Whateva Sista! is currently the 'Whateva Sista! Blog of the Year' as it is, it has a few too many accolades to its name and room should be made for other lesser known blogs to have a chance.

I am also waiting eagerly for the next instalment of Desperate Housewives. It is, after all, what Wednesdays were made for.

*I'm not really.

Saturday, March 26, 2005

Me and the boyf went for a barbecue on my favourite beach at Conwy this afternoon, and as usual I took along my trusty camera. Here are some 'scenery' shots, with a few of my attempts at being 'artistic'.

Image hosted by
Here we have Llandudno and half of the Great Orme.

Image hosted by
Anglesey and Puffin Island in the misty distance. I particularly like this shot - looks all mysterious!

Image hosted by
The sea and Anglesey, as seen through long grasses - one of my 'arty' shots.

Image hosted by
Penmaenmawr, as seen round the grass bank we were sitting on.

Image hosted by
A rabbit burrow! I was particularly excited by this. Boyf thinks I am very sad, but I don't care.
OMG I can't wait for tonight. I'm going out to the lovely Broadway Boulevard with my home-bestfriends, one of whom I haven't seen since September, one I haven't seen since Christmas and one I haven't seen since Wednesday. I can't wait! Two of them haven't seen, or even know of, my recent hair change, so I can't wait to see their reactions.

I'm starting a new thing over there on the right of the page *look right!*. I'm doing a lot of blog surfing recently and have come across a lot of new ones to read, instead of the same old 5 blogs that I normally read. I've been saying to a few people recently that 'such-and-such a blog is my official new favourite blog', so I thought -'Hey! What an idea!' So I am making it official - from now on I shall list over on the right 'My Official New Favourite Blog'. Hopefully it shall change regularly. There. Look at me getting all adventurous with my blogging.

Mmm. I'm just watching 'The Inspector Lynley Mysteries' that I taped from last week. It has Richard Armitage in it! Look at the great picture I've just taken with my digital of the TV -

Image hosted by


Thursday, March 24, 2005

Here they are, as promised, the photos from Comic Relief night where many a crazy thing happened, all in the name of charity.

Some crazy people were 'sponsored' to down a shot of this tasty liquid -

Image hosted by

Then one even more crazy person was 'sponsored' to have his head shaved.

Before -
Image hosted by

During -
Image hosted by

And after -
Image hosted by

Doesn't he look good?

All in the name of charity. Just think of all the lives we helped/saved *warm, self-satisfied glow*.

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Today has been a momentous occasion in the world of Welsh Girl In Leeds. After spending the best part of my teenage years attempting to get back the lost 'blondness' of my youth (i.e. the white blond hair I boasted before the age of 12 when it inexplicably started going dark), today I stopped fighting against nature, and root regrowth, and coloured my hair brown. Dark chocolate brown, to be exact.

Let me demonstrate.

This was taken a few months ago, and represents the general colour of my hair this morning, pre-hairdressers trip, give or take a bit of rootage.

Image hosted by

This is me now -

Image hosted by

It shall take a bit of getting used to, as it is a drastic change, to say the least, but thats exactly what I wanted - a change. And I've certainly got it! Now I just need to stop those mini heart attacks I keep having every time I walk past a mirror and don't immediately recognise the face looking back at me. Sure it won't take long.

Monday, March 21, 2005

I am now back home in Wales for the Easter holiday. Missions for the next four weeks: - 3x 2000 word essays; knit at least one scarf; finally make that follow-up visit to the orthodontist, 1 year and 8 months after my braces were actually removed; not put on too much chocolate -related weight. Yep, think that's enough for the one vacation.

Its very nice being back home. I don't have to spend money on food every week (Mummy pays for it), I don't have to do laundry every week (Mummy does it) and washing-up never has to be done (dishwasher does it). Its bliss, I tell you!

Unfortunately, though, I do find that I have less to write about when I'm at home. Mostly, because by the end of term when its time for me to return to the nest I've run out of money so not a lot of exciting and interesting things can be done on a budget of £10 a week. Mind you, I'm not going to kid myself and pretend I'm the most interesting of blogs anyway. Not compared to the humourous wit of, say, Whateva Sista!, or the dry sarcasm accompanied by numurous pictures of naked/semi-naked men of Tottyland. Hmm, I'm noticing a pattern. Clearly, all I need to do to be a better blog is become a gay man. And therein lies my tragic flaw, in the style of a Thomas Hardy novel, as sadly that is one thing that will never happen.

To continue the theme of my recent bloggage - Sunset Beach. Readers may remember I was lamenting its disapperance. Thanks to the detective work of Ys it has since been discovered that SB hasn't disappeared, just moved - to a ridiculously early-mornign, weekend timing! Curses on Channel 5! No Charmed series 7 until September and now this! If it wasn't for Home and Away, they'd have nothing going for them now. Nothing.

Oh yes, one more thing. It appears a little event happened on Saturday afternoon. Not sure if anyone's heard about it. Probably not. It appears Wales won a small competition of some sort? Might just be a rumour though. Hmm ...

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

I've just read this* and I'm shocked. Absolutely speechless. I know its not going to happen for at least 6 weeks over here (this is the Australia site) but I'm still shocked.

*You're supposed to be reading the first line of that, by the way.
I have just escaped from enforced confinement hell. Otherwise known as left my house keys in my car last night, woke up after everyone else in the house had left and was locked in. Its all my own fault though because I knew my keys were in my car last night, but my car keys were all the way upstairs and I couldn't be bothered to get them. I did have every intention of getting my house keys before I went to bed, but after two hours of watching Most Haunted Live, on my own, until 1am, I conveniently 'forgot' to go out in the dark all by myself and just assumed it would all work out tomorrw (i.e. today). Obviously, though, it didn't. Its all the more silly because I did exactly the same thing yesterday, missed a lecture for a module I haven't missed a single one of so far this semester, and had to wait until someone came home at 1pm-ish to let me out. As it was today, the only person available to let me out was the boyfriend, who, at 3.45pm, rolled up outside the house in a huge removals wagon (he works in it - didn't just steal it or anything) full of lairy men laughing at me. Tre, tre embarassing. At least I got to watch another whole Charmed double bill, as well as an hour and a half of baby-related programmes on Discovery Health, with a sprinkling of Will and Grace along the way.

On another note: Neighbours. It is all very good at the moment, what with the fire-related drama, Stuart and Sindi getting Toadie's blessing (Stuart's going to be blind you know!) and Steph's double pregnancy/euthanasia storyline. But I have a bone to pick with the scriptwriters. Paul Robinson? Everyone knows that without those Elessi twins he was nothing as a character. And if they were going to insist on bringing back a Robinson, why not a better one? There were loads to choose from, after all. Personally, I think they should have brought back Jim Robinson. The fact that he's now dead and 'living' in the OC, complete with dodgy American accent, would just have made it all the more interesting.

Monday, March 14, 2005

I worked in the union again on Saturday night, with accompanying background music provided by The Thrills. And I can report that they were very, very good. The gig was absolutely crammed but people didn't seem to be drinking much so I had plenty of opportunities to lean over the bar, knees nicely propping me up on the lower shelf, to get a good look. Unfortunately I only got 10p tips the whole night. Maybe I need to work on my smile or something.

After work I did go on to the union nightclub, sneaking in via the staff entrance to as to avoid paying the extortionate entry fee, with every intention of dancing however-one-dances-to-indie-music the night away, but come 1.30 am I was falling asleep on my feet and skulked away home to bed early. This wasn't just because of the gig I'd just worked, although I'm sure it had something to do with it, but, combined with still being a little bit sleepy from working in the union club on Tuesday night and having to get up for a 9 am seminar on Wednesday morning, more to do with the previous night. As my last post mentions, twas Comic Relief on the said Friday, adn as well as joining in a Blogger 'disco', I also played a little game of 'Dare or Donate', which didn't end until 4 am, approx. Fairly self explanatory in that you either do the dare handed out to you, or you call up the donation line and donate the allocated amount of money. Really, I don't know why everyone doesn't play it. Between 6 of us we donated £250. Very charitable of us. Dares consisted of downing shots of tobasco sauce and having heads shaved, amongst other things. My home computer is currently broke, but as soon as I get home this weekend for the Easter holidays and have access to my other home computer, then photographic evidence will be provided here. Needless to say, I'm still a leetle bit sleepy.

Oh, I got an assignment back last week that I got a 70 on - thats a firm first, thank you very much!

Friday, March 11, 2005

As the time is currently 21:16pm on Friday the 11th of March I HOPE you're all watching Comic relief and donating all of your money RIGHT NOW. I'm particularly enjoying all the Jack Dee-related things, as well as 'Spider-plant Man'. Very funny indeed.

I am joining in Troubled Diva's very good idea to raise some Blogger-related money for the old charidee. Tis a complicated affair, but just follow the link and have a look yourself. Once you have read it, you'll know what I'm on about when I say that the nominated song for Welsh Girl in Leeds is Let's Get Ready to Rumble, by those pop icons, Ant and Dec.

Quick! If you're a blogger and reading this, get over to Troubled Diva right now! Or at least before midnight tonight.

Saturday, March 05, 2005

Tell I'm bored much? This is the most action my blog's had in ages, all in one morning.

I have a question. What has happened to Sunset Beach? It inexplicably disappeared three weeks ago, replaced on Channel 5, supposedly for just the one week, with dodgy 80s films, and has yet to return. Surely it can't have been cancelled already? I am sorely tempted to email Channel 5 and demand an explanation, but seeing as how I've only just emailed them demanding to know when they will be showing the next series of Charmed (not until Septemeber!! And its too late to start watching it on Living because I'm already 7 episodes behind) I'm a bit scared in case I come across as sad and pathetic as I'm sure I actually am.

Any ideas anyone? Or is it time to start distributing those 'missing - reward offered' posters?
As requested by neighbour/close chum who has recently become aquainted with the blog and is dismayed at lack of mentionage, a whole post devoted entirely to said neighbour:-

Max Max Max Max Max Max Max Max Max Max Max Max Max Max Max Max Max Max Max Max Max Max Max Max Max Max Max Max Max Max Max Max Max Max Max Max Max Max Max Max Max Max MAx Max Max Max Max Max Max Max Max Max Max Max Max Max Max Max Max Max Max Max Max

Happy now Max?

Friday, March 04, 2005

Ys -when you visit next, my link to your blog isn't working! Don't know how to get onto it now! Could you please give me some instructions when you're here next in case the address has changed or something and I just missed it?
Just had a blood test to test my cholestoral level, because I've got a family history of high cholestoral and related heart problems. I've got a big bruise on my arm now! And it hurts. I hate blood tests. Although I've only had one before, about 8 years ago. I still hate them though. I was watching a documentary yesterday about the SAARS virus, and someone had a blood test and I had to change the channel. I couldn't watch today either. I don't like injections (who does?) but I don't hate them like I hate blood tests, or even just the thought of them. Its not the needle I don't like, its the extraction, I think. I really, really want to be a good person and give blood, but just the thought of having all that blood taken out of me, out of my vein, just makes me go all funny. Blah.

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

And a week on and its STILL snowing. I woke up really early this morning to be in uni for work at 8.30am (eek! Ungodly hour!) and everywhere was covered in about 3 inches of snow and it was blizzarding! Unfortunately I lost my scarf in the union yesterday, so I shivered my way into uni. But its ok - Im in the process of knitting myself a new one. Well, once I get home this weekend and ask mum to show me how to cast on, because I can't remember and just keep making a mess of pink wool.

I've just uploaded new image-hosting software to my computer after Hello decided to refuse to work, so expect lots more scenery-related posts soon, especially considering that the Easter hols are coming up, so plenty of opportunities for scenic walks.

Also, pictures of Richard Armitage! Hmm, actually think I may just add one now. May as well break in the new software!

Yay! It worked!

While on the subject of Mr Armitage, the BBC North and South messageboard was closed last week. As would be expected, many tears were shed (along with a few hissy-fits thrown). I was never a huge fan of it myself, preferring the fun and frivolity of the Yahoo Armitage Army board to the serious literary discussions of the Beeb, but I know quite few people who were Beeb board dedicates, and were none too impressed, especially seeing as how while a drama board was shut, the board for that oh so cultural discussion topic of football has been kept open. On the upside, Richard himself, after a request from a devotee through his agent, posted a message of thanks and appreciation to his loyal ladies on the board's last day. Bless him. A few (hundred) ladies wrote to The Times, seeing as how they had run an article on the popularity of both the board and Richard himself around Christmas time, hoping that they would fight their corner. However, this is what they got in response. Hmm.