Monday, May 29, 2006

A Welsh Girl In Leeds favourite, Mr Hugh Jackman to the left there(see here, and here), has been lighting up my life again in Xmen 3: The Last Stand. I staggered along to see it Saturday afternoon with a steaming hangover, hoping that the combination of popcorn and Wolverine's body hair and muscles would make it better.

And it did! Its a very good film, although I was a bit disappointed that more X-Men weren't included. The focus was very much on Wolverine which, lets face it, isn't a bad thing, but being an X-Men fan, I wish more of the blue-suited ones had been included. I have a few suggestions for improvements-
  • Wolverine should have forgotten all about that simpering Jean Grey and got it together with Rogue, as we all know should have happened.
  • Wolverine should have been shirtless more often.
  • When Jean Grey made his belt fall apart with the power of her mind, she shouldn't have stopped at the belt.

But yes, a good film - go and see it. Apparently a few other people agree with me as well. It had the fourth highest American opening weekend ever.

See - never underestimate the power of good body hair.

Friday, May 26, 2006

... because we haven't had a shirtless Jakey for a while.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Ah yes, that update. A bit late, but here it is ...

Since we spoke (the time before) last, April 28th I believe, I have done lots and lots of revision, and sat 3 very stressful exams, but I have also managed to fit in a few other things as well. In bullet point form:
  • I have won an award from the university volunteering awards, as presented by the vice-chancellor (brag, boast, brag), for my project that I set up and ran as part of STAR - a Saturday morning fun and conversation group for young asylum seekers in Leeds, as the best project for a hard-to-reach area of the community. They were very hard to reach. I may have had a little bit of help from Simon, my co-coordinator.

  • I went home the weekend after my dissertation was handed in and stayed at Ruthin Castle for the weekend, where I visited a medieval fair and then a medieval banquet. It was brilliant!

  • But mostly I was revising, and then sitting exams. Before the exams I was convinced I was going to get a 2:2. Now that they're over, I'm slightly more confident, but we shall see.
  • On Friday I went to see the Da Vinci Code. Not having read the book, I thought it was great, but apparently if you have read the book then you won't necessarily feel the same.
  • On Saturday I watched Eurovision. I was not impressed. I thought the presenters were even more rubbish than the tradition of rubbish Eurovision presenters called for, and the songs weren't very good. Not a particularly good Eurovision year.
  • I have been slightly bored by ER. Last week's double bill was fantastic, but I am getting bored of the Darfur episodes. Perhaps if Dr Kovac was in them it would be a different story.

So yes, I think that is me all updated. I apologise for the extended lack of bloggage, but I have been reading everyone's blogs everyday. It was my only form of escapism from all the pressure.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

I had my last exam today.

My last exam, not just of this exam period, but EVER.

Am I relieved? Am I stress-free and without the constant worry of study and deadlines? No. I have to keep reminding myself that I don't have an exam tomorrow and that I don't have some sort of work, somewhere, that I should be doing. I keep catching the thought 'Oh, I've got work I should be doing now' running though my mind, even though this really is no longer the case, for like, ever (until the next degree, but I'm choosing to forget that for the moment). My brain has become acclimatised to stress. If I am not stressed and anxious then apparantly something must be amiss.

This is not exactly what I was expecting.

Proper update on all the fun times tomorrow.